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HP Officejet Pro Printers - Solve product connectivity problems

Solve USB direct-connect problems

If you have connected the product directly to a computer, check the USB cable.
  • Verify that the cable is connected to the computer and to the product.
  • Verify that the cable is not longer than 5 m. Try using a shorter cable.
  • Verify that the cable is working correctly by connecting it with another product. Replace the cable if necessary.

Solve network problems

Check the following items to verify that the product is communicating with the network. Before beginning, print a configuration page from the product control panel and locate the product IP address that is listed on this page.

Poor physical connection

  1. Verify that the product is attached to the correct ethernet port using the proper cable.
  2. Verify that cable connections are securely attached.
  3. Look at the ethernet port on the back of the product, and verify that the amber activity light and the green link-status light are active.
  4. If the problem continues, try a different cable or port on the network router, switch, or hub.

The computer is using the incorrect IP address for the product

  1. On the computer, open the printer properties and click the Ports tab. Verify that the current IP address for the product is selected. The product IP address is listed on the product configuration page or through the control panel.
  2. If you installed the product using an HP standard TCP/IP port, select the box labeled Always print to this printer, even if its IP address changes.
  3. If you installed the product using a Microsoft standard TCP/IP port, use the hostname instead of the IP address.
    If you installed the product using the CD installer, or downloaded the fully-featured installer from the HP's web site, you can view or change the product IP address using the following steps:
    1. Click Start.
    2. Click All Programs.
    3. Click HP.
    4. Click your product.
    5. Click Update IP Address to open a utility that reports the known (“previous”) IP address for the product and allows you to change the IP address, if necessary.
  4. If the IP address is correct, delete the product entry from the list of installed printers, and then add it again.

The computer is unable to communicate with the product

  1. Test network communication by pinging the product.
    1. Open a command-line prompt on your computer. For Windows, click Start, click Run, and then type cmd.
    2. Type ping followed by the IP address for your product.
    3. If the window displays round-trip times, both the network and device are working.
  2. If the ping command failed, verify that the network router, hubs, or switches are on, and then verify that the network settings, the product, and the computer are all configured for the same network.

The product is using incorrect link and duplex settings for the network

Hewlett-Packard recommends leaving this setting in automatic mode (the default setting). If you change these settings, you must also change them for your network.

New software programs might be causing compatibility problems

Verify that any new software programs are correctly installed and that they use the correct printer driver.

The computer or workstation might be set up incorrectly

  1. Check the network drivers, printer drivers, and the network redirection.
  2. Verify that the operating system is configured correctly.

The product is disabled, or other network settings are incorrect

  1. Review the configuration page to check the status of the network protocol. Enable it if necessary.
  2. Reconfigure the network settings if necessary.






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