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HP Omni27 All-in-One PCs - Using an HDMI Game Console or HDMI Video Player with your Omni27 PC

This document applies to HP Omni27 All-in-One desktop computers.
You can use your Omni27 PC as a high-resolution monitor for playing games or viewing movies from devices that display HDMI video, such as XBox or a Blue-ray movie player. To do this, connect the game console to the computer using an HDMI connector or composite audio visual (A/V) connectors.
    Figure : HDMI port, audio port, and display control buttons
    Location of HDMI port, audio port, and  display control buttons
  1. HDMI port
  2. Audio out connector
  3. Display control buttons
When the system is in Display mode, the computer is still running in the background. The keyboard and mouse are active and still control the computer. To avoid making unwanted changes to open files on your computer, it is recommended that you save and close all files before connecting to the HDMI ports.

Connecting the game console or video player to the computer

  1. Make sure that the computer and the game console are turned on.
  2. Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the game console and the other end into the computer.
  3. If you are using external speakers, connect the audio cable for the speaker to the A/V source connector.
  4. Use the display menu buttons on the computer to adjust the display settings. See Adjusting the display settings below.

Adjusting the display settings

Use the display control buttons on the right side of the computer to change display modes and to adjust the volume, color, brightness, or contrast for your game.
    Figure : Display control buttons
    Display control buttons
  1. Menu
  2. Exit/Cancel
  3. Advance Menu up (+)
  4. Advance Menu down (-)
  1. To adjust the display settings, press the Menu button on the side of the computer.
    The display menu opens. Use these menu options to select the display mode (PC, movie, text, or game), and to adjust the brightness, color, contrast, or volume settings.
      Figure : Display menu
      Game mode menu
    1. PC mode (If you press the Menu button when the system is in PC mode, Game mode displays.)
    2. Brightness control
    3. Volume control
    4. Contrast control
    5. Color control
    6. Default (Restores the default setting for your selection)
  2. Press the + and ‒ buttons on the side of the computer to scroll through the menu choices until the item you want to adjust is highlighted, and then press the Menu button on the computer.
  3. To adjust the brightness, volume, contrast, and volume level, perform the following steps:
    1. Select the item you want to adjust, and then press the + and - buttons to increase and decrease the level.
      The slider control moves back and forth as you push the buttons.
      Figure : Slider control
      Slider control
    2. To restore the setting to the default setting, press the Exit/Cancel button on the computer until the Default option displays. Next, press the + and - buttons on the computer to toggle between the Yes and No options.
      Figure : Default options
      Default options
    3. To confirm the new setting, press the Menu button on the computer.
  4. To close the display menu, press the Exit/Cancel button on the computer.

Using the remote control in gaming mode

Use the A/V source button on your remote control to toggle between the two source modes: PC mode and game mode. If you use the remote control while you are in game mode, the following buttons still affect PC mode:
  • A/V — Switches between sources (PC or Gaming).
  • Mute — Mutes the sound in games and on the PC.
  • Media Center (Start) — Automatically switches back to computer and opens the Media Center.
  • Power — Places the system into Sleep mode.

Returning to PC mode from gaming mode

Use any of the following methods to return to PC mode from gaming mode:
  • Left-click the mouse to return to the desktop.
  • Press the Esc key to return to the desktop.
  • Press the Ctrl, Alt, Del buttons simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Press the Power/Sleep button on the keyboard or on the remote control.
  • Press the Power/Sleep button on the computer.
  • Press the Media Center (Start) button on the remote control.

Troubleshooting while in gaming mode

After connecting the game console to the ports on the computer, one of the following symptoms displays:
  • The screen keeps returning to PC mode.
  • A screen displays indicating the system is not receiving a signal.
  • Make sure that the device and the computer are turned on.
  • Make sure that the HDMI cable is connected from the game console to the computer.
  • Make sure that the Game mode is selected on the Display menu.
Audio drops when playing a video game.
  • The system is on Mute. Press the Volume key on the keyboard to get out of Mute state.
  • Check the volume setting on the Display menu.
  • Open the Audio Settings menu from within the gaming application and make sure that the correct audio format output is selected.
    Choose Digital Stereo, or PCM Audio. (HP Omni27 PC does not support AC3, DTS, or Dolby Digital 5.1.)
After connecting external speakers, the audio is muted.
When an Audio Line Out connector (such as headphones or external speakers) is connected, the internal speakers are muted. Make sure that the volume on the external speakers is turned up.






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