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HP Designjet 500 and 800 Series Printers - System Error 61:05 Processing Job


The system error 61:05 Error Processing Job error indicates there is a communication problem and the HP Designjet 800 or 500 series printer was not able to process the job that was sent to it. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the error.

Troubleshooting printer functionality

The 61:05 error can occur from dirty printhead contacts or a bad printhead (may rotate between a 79:04 error depending on job being sent or internal print being printed). In the event that a 61:05 error persists on internal prints, dirty printhead contacts or a bad printhead are the most likely cause. Follow the printhead cleaning instructions below if printhead related, otherwise
Cleaning the electrical contacts:
  1. Turn the printer off, then on.
  2. Allow printer to complete initialization.
  3. Using the Down Arrow key, scroll to the Ink menu (ink drop icon) and press Enter.
  4. Scroll to Replace Printheads and press Enter.
  5. Open the top cover.
  6. Open the carriage cover and remove all printheads.
  7. Turn the printer off.
  8. Clean the electrical contacts on the carriage and the printheads using a lint-free cloth (i.e. coffee filter), lightly dampened with water.
  9. When the contacts are dry, reinstall the printheads and close the carriage cover.
  10. Close the top cover.
  11. Turn the printer on and attempt to recreate the error.
  12. If the error persists, try replacing the black printhead first (most common cause), or replace any other printhead displaying error messages.
  13. If the error persists, continue with the remaining steps.
General troubleshooting steps:
  1. Turn off and turn on the HP Designjet 800 and 500 series printer. If the error persists, go to step 3.
  2. Send a test print from the printer driver. If it prints successfully, go to software troubleshooting. If it is unsuccessful, proceed to step 3.
  3. Turn off the printer and disconnect the parallel cable and any network cables, leaving only the power cable connected.
  4. Turn the printer on and send the Troubleshooting Print from the Ink System menu of the front panel. If the Troubleshooting test print is successful, go to troubleshooting the connection section. If the error reappears when performing the troubleshooting print, there may be a hardware problem with the printer.
  5. For a Designjet 500 printer with an HPGL/2 accessory card, remove any added memory. For a Designjet 800 printer, try a different memory DIMM if one is available.
  6. Check for a new release of the firmware and upgrade to the latest version if needed.
  7. If the error persists, press the MENU button when the error appears to obtain further information for HP Customer Care technical support and go to Contact HP.

Troubleshooting the connection between the HP Designjet and the computer

  1. When using a parallel or USB connection, ensure that the HP Designjet 800 and 500 series printer is the only device connected to that USB or parallel port. Other devices such as switchboxes can interfere with the communication between the computer and the printer.
  2. Try a different cable.
  3. If using a parallel cable, verify that the cable is less than three meters long and is IEEE-1284 compliant.
  4. Try a different parallel port mode on the computer. HP Designjet Customer Care cannot do this, if assistance is needed, please refer to the computer’s documentation or technical support.
    Some peripheral devices have port monitoring software that can interfere with communication to the HP Designjet 800 and 500 series printer via a parallel port. This software may need to be uninstalled before the computer can communicate successfully with the HP Designjet 800 and 500 series printer. If this is the case, please refer to the documentation or technical support services provided with the other printer.

Software troubleshooting

  1. Send the same file that generated the system error.
  2. If the error reappears, try generating the file again and try to print.
  3. Try sending a different file.
  4. Try a file from a different application.
  5. Verify that the correct printer driver is being used.
  6. Check for a new release of the printer driver.
  7. Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver (install the most current version available).
  8. Set all other printer drivers that are set to print to the same port as the Designjet 800 or 500 Series printers to file.

For the HP Designjet 800 series printer only, check the following

  1. Verify the graphics language on the front panel corresponds to the language of the file being sent to the HP Designjet 800 series printer.
    1. From the front panel message of Ready, highlight the printer icon, and press ENTER.
    2. Press the ARROW buttons to select Graphics Language, and press ENTER.
  2. If the file that is causing the error is a Binary PostScript(R), use AppleTalk to send it to the printer. If AppleTalk is not used, change the front panel PostScript setting to Binary.
    1. From the front panel message of Ready, highlight the printer icon, and press ENTER.
    2. Press the arrow buttons to select PostScript Settings, and press ENTER.
    3. Select Encoding and press ENTER.
    4. Select Binary and press ENTER.

HP Designjet 800ps, Mac OS, 61:05 appears after Loading Sheet Media

System error 61:05 appears on the printer's display after setting up the printer from a Macintosh or after sending a print job. Printer has cut-sheet media loaded.
Change the rotate setting in the Page Format menu of the printer to zero (0) by following these steps:
  1. Delete any print jobs from the Macintosh Print monitor or Desktop Print monitor.
  2. Turn the printer off, then on to clear the system error and reload the cut-sheet media, if necessary.
  3. Access the Paper menu on the printer by highlighting the icon that looks like a roll or sheet of paper, then press ENTER.
  4. Highlight Page Format, then press ENTER.
  5. Look for the Rotate setting in Page Format. If Rotate equals anything other than zero (0), highlight Rotate and press ENTER, then arrow up to zero (0) and press ENTER to save.
  6. Exit the printer's menu by pressing the MENU button.
  7. Printer should now function without the 61:05 error.
    If the error continues, follow the steps in the other sections above.