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HP LaserJet, HP PageWide Enterprise - Set up HP ePrint via email


HP ePrint via email is a feature included in select HP printer models that allows you to print documents or photos by emailing them directly to the web-connected HP printer. No printer driver or app is necessary. Simply email the documents from the device (laptop, tablet, smart phone, or other email-capable device) to an email address assigned to the printer.
This document explains what is required and how to set up and configure the HP ePrint via email feature.
For information on other ways to print, see Wireless printing from a laptop, phone, or tablet.

Requirements for printer and device

Review the following requirements for using HP ePrint via email:
  • The printer must have the HP ePrint via email feature. To check whether your printer model has this feature, go to Printers that can use mobile printing solutions.
  • The printer must be connected to a network with an active internet connection.
  • The mobile device or laptop must have email capability and internet access.
    Although the printer must be connected to a network to set up or use HP ePrint via email, the laptop or mobile device does not need to be connected to the same network or to the printer in order to send print jobs.

Requirements for email programs

You can use any of the following email programs to send emails to the printer:
The HP ePrint server will not accept email messages sent from private domains.
  • Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003
  • Hotmail or MSN
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Gmail
  • Apple Mail (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or Macbook Pro)
  • BlackBerry email client
  • Nokia (Symbian) email client

Set up HP ePrint via email

After verifying the requirements, follow the steps below to set up HP ePrint via email.

Step one: Enable Web Services and get the printer claim code

Find your printer type in the options listed below, and then follow the steps provided to enable Web Services and get the printer claim code.

Step two: Create an account at HP Connected

You must register at HP Connected to obtain the email address unique to the printer. This email address is required to use ePrint via email.
  1. Go to HP Connected and create an account.
  2. Make sure to Accept Cookies in order to continue. To adjust cookie preferences before accepting, select Cookie Settings.
  3. Type the printer claim code from the information sheet or Web Services Setup screen in the EWS and select Add.
  4. An email address is automatically generated and displayed above the printer image.
  5. Follow these steps if you want to customize the email address (optional):
    1. Click + next to ePrint Address in ePrint Settings.
    2. Type a new email address prefix (@hpeprint.com will stay the same), and select Submit.
    3. HP LaserJet Pro printers: To view the updated email address, open Setup, open HP Web Services, and then select Display E-mail address.

Step three: Configure HP ePrint

You can manage print jobs, change print settings, and adjust security with your new HP Connected account.

Next steps

After you have set up and configured your HP ePrint via email feature, see the following topics to get started and learn more:
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Email Security with HP ePrint via email - Learn about the built-in security features and additional ways to keep your printer and print jobs secure.
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