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HP Color LaserJet Printers - Cannot Print Custom Line Screens (LPI) or Halftones


The HP Color LaserJet printers will not produce expected output when a user selects a custom line screen (LPI) or halftone from an application.


The HP ImageRet solution found in all HP Color LaserJet printers uses a sophisticated set of algorithms to allow the CMYK color planes to be individually manipulated for the best possible color output. This technology allows for Color LaserJet printers to optimize the image quality for the broadest variety of printing scenarios.
Because of this the printers are locked into two possible LPI settings; Smooth and Detail.
The Smooth setting has the equivalent of 155 LPI and the detail is 212 LPI.
The Smooth and Detailed setting for halftoning can be selected in the print driver.
If the user needs to print at LPIs different than those offered with ImageRet. The user will need to open the image in an application that will allow manipulation of the image LPI setting itself. This way when printed at the LPI of the Color LaserJet the image will still appear to have the custom LPI setting applied.