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HP LaserJet Single Function and Multifunction (MFP) Printers - Using the Auto Recovery Feature for 49.XXXX Errors

What is the Auto Recovery Feature?

What is the Auto Recovery Feature? Since 2010 HP’s products have a new feature which allows the administrator/user to configure the device to auto recover from an intermittent 49.XXXX error (49 error). REMOVE TABLE This feature is supported on both FutureSmart 3 and FutureSmart 4.

How and when to use the feature

A 49 error can occur randomly when a device is trying to perform an action that it was not designed to perform, or if it encounters a conflict within the devices operating system. 49 errors can occur intermittently and the device requires the power to be turned OFF and back ON (power cycle) to resume activities. Since intermittent 49 errors can occur when a user is not in front of the device, the user may find the device in the 49 error state when they have an urgent need to use it. This can cause frustration as the user must wait for the device to go through the boot and warm up process before they can use it.
With the introduction of the Auto Recovery feature, the administrator/user of the device can now configure the device to auto recover (i.e. power cycle) when an intermittent 49 error occurs. Enabling the Auto Recovery feature allows the device to perform a power cycle without user interaction. This in turn helps the administrator/user increase the up time of their HP device.
How to enable
When the latest firmware available has been uploaded to the product, the feature will automatically be enabled. If an administrator/user wants to validate that the feature is available or would like to disable it for any reason they can access the following menus through the control panel. Remote access can be achieved by using the products Embedded Web Server (EWS) Settings screen and then navigating to the same menus found below for the control panels.
M Series MFP products:
  1. Press the Settings Icon.
  2. Select Auto Recovery
  3. Choose to Disable or Enable

Additional information to know about the feature Control Panel messages seen after the Auto Recovery

When enabled on an MFP the device will present messaging on the control panel indicating that the product has encountered a System Error and has automatically recovered.
The message will be shown until the user either acknowledges the message by pressing the OK button or the Inactivity timer value is reached. When this screen is displayed, the device will still be able to print and/or print and receive faxes but will ignore any presses of the COPY or SEND button until the screen has been acknowledged by pressing the OK button.
Single function devices will display similar messaging.
The device can also display a control panel message if it receives a malformed print job within the first 15 minutes after recovering from a 49 error.
This message will not go away when the Inactivity Timer value is met and the printer will remain in an Offline state until the user either acknowledges the message by pressing the OKbutton or cancels the malformed job by pressing the Cancel button. If the user presses the OK button, the print job will most likely not print correctly or print illegible characters. In most cases, numerous pages may print in this fashion, so it is recommend that the user press the Red X button to cancel the job.
When this screen is displayed, the device will still be able to receive faxes but will ignore any selection of the COPY, SEND, Reset or Red X buttons until the screen has been acknowledged by pressing the OK button.
What if errors continue to be seen?
If another 49 error occurs within thirty minutes after the device performs the Auto Recovery process the device will go Offline and will present the standard 49 error message on the control panel. The device will not Auto Recover and this message will require the end user to turn the power OFF and back ON. This behavior is intentional and it designed to give visibility to the administrator/user that the issue is occurring more frequently than what would be considered intermittent and may need to be investigated.
Background: Additional background on 49 errors
49 errors are displayed when the MFP or printer has been asked to perform an action that the device firmware is not capable of and may not have been designed to comply with. Some of possibilities are:
  • Printing files with unsupported programming commands
  • A unique combination of user environment and user interactions with the device
  • Interfacing with a third-party solution that was not designed to work with the device
Each of these could cause the printer’s firmware to try initiating an action that the device has no way to accomplish. In situations like this, the device may present the error if it has no other way to ignore the action. When these errors occur, the only way to recover from this exception error is to turn the power OFF and back ON (the Auto Recovery feature will do this automatically). HP extensively tests MFP and printer firmware before release to ensure that the occurrence of 49 errors and other non-recoverable device errors is at an acceptable level. HP ensures that the frequency of these errors is low enough that typical end users will rarely encounter one. In the rare circumstance where a 49 error does occur, HP has now implemented the Auto Recovery feature to lessen the impact that these errors may have on the user's of the device.






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