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HP Scitex FB950 - Warranty claims

The printer is covered by a manufacturer’s limited warranty, which includes the printheads. The piezo printheads are designed to remain in service for the life of the printer.
The printer incorporates many automatic and manual features for preventing clogs from occurring, and for recovering inkjets that do become clogged. The warranty terms require that the maintenance procedures contained in this User Manual are followed prior to classifying a printhead anomaly as a “printhead failure.”
A printhead failure is defined as any printhead that develops one or more individual jets that do not fire and that cannot be recovered or replaced (“mapped out”) by the AutoJet or Manual Jet Mapping software when printing in Production Mode. If the jet(s) can be mapped out by the software in Production Mode, the printhead is deemed to be working satisfactorily and is not considered to have a failure.
In the event of a printhead failure as defined above, the cause and/or circumstances that lead to the failure must be identified. The following is a list of causes and/or circumstances that may lead to printhead failure. This list is not considered comprehensive, and any causes and/or circumstances that are not identified in this list will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
All printheads submitted for warranty claims will be subjected to failure analysis to confirm the cause of failure. The final determination of warranty applicability will be provided by this analysis.
For more information about warranty claims, contact Technical Services.
Causes that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty:
  • Manufacturing defect — when a flaw in materials or workmanship causes a printhead to fail, the failure will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
    Causes and/or circumstances that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty:
  • Third party hardware or software
  • Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse (including damage resulting from head strikes or use of non-approved supplies), misapplication, relocation of product without approved procedures, failure to perform user maintenance as defined in the user documentation or contamination of the ink supply due to improper handling of the ink or ink system
  • Printheads which have not been properly maintained as defined in the user documentation, and printheads with jet-outs that AutoJet is able to substitute in Production print mode
  • Service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a Hewlett-Packard Authorized Service Provider
  • Modification of the product without the written permission of Hewlett-Packard
  • Product on which the serial number has been removed or defaced or for which you cannot provide proof of purchase and payment
  • Software (whether embedded in ROMs or other hardware or contained on diskettes or other media), including related manuals and documentation, its quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose