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HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press - Cleaning the blanket

  • Only clean the blanket when necessary.
  • Use the Print Cleaner .
  • If the Print Cleaner wizard does not remove all residue, repeat the wizard procedure with another 30 copies.
  • Manually clean the blanket if it remains dirty after running the Print Cleaner.
  • Recover the blanket surface every time a substrate jam occurs.

Using the Print Cleaner wizard

To clean the blanket:
  1. On the touchscreen, click Main Menu, PIP and Blanket, and Print Cleaner. The Print Cleaner opens.
  2. Check Paper jam handler and follow the instructions in the wizard.

Manually cleaning the blanket

Wear safety glasses and gloves for this procedure.
To manually clean the blanket:
  1. Fold the lint-free wipe four times.
  2. Gently rub the blanket with the folded wipe, change the wipe's side when one side gets dirty.
  3. If the blanket is still soiled, dampen the lint-free wipe in imaging oil and rub the blanket until the ink residue and other contamination are removed.
    Continue until the wipe no longer picks up residue.

Recovering the blanket surface

  • Recover the blanket surface as soon as possible after a substrate jam event.
  • Perform this procedure whenever a substrate jam occurs.
  • Immediately check for substrate or ink residues on the blanket (PSTB).
  • Residues can damage the blanket if not removed immediately, while the blanket is still hot.
The blanket is very hot and can cause injury if handled carelessly. Access the blanket area with care. Avoid inhaling imaging oil vapors.
Wear safety glasses and gloves for this procedure.
  1. Press an Emergency Stop button and access the blanket.
  2. Using a blanket scraper, scrape away the edge of the substrate from the blanket surface.
    • If any substrate remains on the blanket, remove it carefully while the blanket is still hot.
    • If necessary, dampen a folded lint-free wipe in clean imaging oil and apply it to the substrate fragments.
    • Remove the substrate from the blanket in one piece if possible.
  3. Rotate the drum using the inch-safe method, and remove any remaining substrate fragments.
    Do not apply the imaging oil dampened, lint-free wipe across the entire paper fragment, as this may cause the blanket to become sticky.
  4. Rotate the drums and inspect the impression paper.
    • Pay close attention to the leading edge of the impression paper.
    • Replace it if it is dirty, torn, or out of position.
  5. Lower the ITM hood, lower the bridge and close the upper feed sliding window.
  6. Click Get Ready.
  7. On the control panel Main Menu, select PIP and Blanket to open the PIP and Blanket panel. Then click Print Cleaner to open the Print Cleaner wizard. Follow the instructions in the wizard.
    • If the time allocated for handling a substrate jam has expired, a message informs you to clean the blanket manually before proceeding.
    • If required by the system, clean the blanket
  8. Resume printing. Monitor the print quality of several prints after a substrate jam. Full blanket recovery happens only after several sheets have been printed.

Using the automatic blanket cleaner page

The cleaner page is generated after a pre-set number of separations, for the following cases:
  • At the end of a job
  • When pausing the print
  • When switching a job
  • During a long, cold start at the start of the day.
    A cleaner page can also be inserted in the middle of a job. This is useful for long jobs.
    The blanket cleaner page does not print under the following conditions:
  • The blanket cleaner option is disabled by the operator.
  • A system fault prevents the page cleaner from functioning.
To define the automatic blanket cleaner page:
  1. Click Main Menu, Options, and Print Preferences to open the Print Preferences window.
  2. In the Cleaner Page tab, check Allow cleaner page within job.
  3. Select the number of cleaner sheets, and click Apply.
    The cleaner page is automatically printed every 1000 impressions.
    Figure : Allow cleaner page as part of the job






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