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HP OfficeJet 6500 Printers - Replacing the Printhead


Install a new printhead assembly when the existing printhead assembly is damaged or is incompatible with the product. Replacement printhead assemblies are only available from HP Support or authorized service providers.

Ordering the printhead assembly

  1. If you are in Asia Pacific, the site directs you to a service center in your area.
  2. Search for part number CN643A.
  3. Follow the instructions to order the printhead assembly.

Replacing the printhead assembly

Follow these steps to replace the printhead assembly.
Wait until you have a new printhead assembly available before removing the cartridges. HP recommends that you do not leave the cartridges outside the product longer than 30 minutes. This could damage both the product and the cartridges.

Step one: Load paper

Follow these steps to load plain paper into the product.
  1. Lift the output tray.
    Figure : Lift the output tray
  2. Insert the stack of paper print-side down along the right side of the paper tray.
  3. Adjust the paper-width guide so it rests against the edge of the paper.
    Figure : Adjust the paper-width guide
  4. Close the output tray.
  5. Pull out the extension on the output tray, and then open the paper catch at the end of the output tray extension.
      Figure : Open the output tray extension
    1. Pull out the extension on the output tray
    2. Open the paper catch

Step two: Replace the printhead

Follow these steps to replace the printhead.
Do not remove the old cartridges until you have the replacement printhead available.
  1. Open the cartridge access door. The carriage moves to the center of the product. Wait until the carriage stops moving before proceeding.
    Figure : Open the cartridge access door
    Image: Open the cartridge access door.
  2. Press in the tab on the front of one of the cartridges, and then pull it out and up to remove it from its slot.
    Figure : Remove a cartridge from its slot
    Image: Remove a cartridge from its slot.
  3. Repeat this step to remove all cartridges from their slots.
  4. Lift the gray latch on the printhead assembly.
    Figure : Lift the gray latch
    Image: Lift the gray latch.
  5. Remove the old printhead from its slot.
    Figure : Remove the old printhead
    Image: Remove the old printhead.
    Do not touch the copper-colored contacts. Do not let the contacts touch any surface, and be careful not to scratch the contacts while inserting the cartridges.
  6. Clean the electrical contacts inside the product. The replacement printhead assembly comes with pre-moistened wipes.
    Figure : Pre-moistened wipes
    Pre-moistened wipes
    Use these wipes to clean the electrical contacts inside the product. Wipe from the top to the bottom of the electrical contacts, in one direction only. As the wipes become dirty, discard them and open new ones.
    Figure : Clean the contacts
    Illustration of cleaning the contacts
    Do not wipe up and down or side to side, as doing so can damage the product.
  7. Remove the new printhead from its packaging.
    Figure : Remove the printhead packaging
    Image: Remove the printhead packaging.
  8. Hold the printhead upright, with the color-coded icons facing up.
    Figure : Hold the printhead upright
    Image: Hold the printhead upright.
  9. Lower the printhead into the product so that the purple and green blocks on the printhead align with the purple and green blocks on the product.
    Figure : Insert the printhead
    Image: Insert the printhead.
  10. Slowly lower the gray latch.
    Figure : Lower the gray latch
    Image: Lower the gray latch.
  11. With the cartridge contacts facing the printhead, slide the cartridge into the correct slot. The color-coded icons on the cartridge and in the printhead indicate the correct slot.
    Figure : Insert the cartridge
    Image: Insert the cartridge.
  12. Press down on the cartridge until it clicks firmly into place.
    Figure : Press the cartridge into place
    Image: Press the cartridge into place.
  13. Repeat these steps to insert all the cartridges, and then close the cartridge access door.

Step three: Return failed parts to HP

HP will analyze the failed parts to improve its products in the future. If the new printhead assembly came with a prepaid mailing label and return instructions, follow these steps to return the failed parts to HP.
HP does not ask that all failed parts be returned, so you might have a prepaid mailing label and return instructions. You can ignore these steps if you did not receive the return documents.
  1. Put the old printhead assembly into the package that the new part came in.
    Figure : Put the failed printhead in the package
    Image: Put the failed printhead in the package.
  2. Peel off the lid sticker labeled ‘B’ and use it to seal the printhead assembly package.
    Figure : Peel off sticker B
    Image: Peel off sticker B.
    Figure : Seal the package with sticker B
    Image: Seal the package with sticker B.
  3. Use the orange caps from the new cartridges to cap the old cartridges.
    Figure : Cap the old cartridges
    Image: Cap the old cartridges.
  4. Put the old parts and the form that came with the new parts into the box the new parts came in. If possible, also include a print sample showing the issue with the old printhead.
    Figure : Put the old parts into the box
    Image: Put the old parts into the box.
  5. Close the box, apply the prepaid mailing label, and then put the package in the mail.
    Figure : Send the package back to HP
    Image: Send the package back to HP.






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