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HP Notebook PCs - Fixing Bluetooth Headphones

This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows 7 and Vista.
Bluetooth is a digital wireless protocol intended to connect multiple devices to one another at short distances. Bluetooth, like other wireless protocols, uses radio frequencies to connect devices to one another, the same things that interfere with all wireless devices and radio can interfere with a Bluetooth connection. For example, other devices that use radio frequencies, such as cordless telephones conflict with the Bluetooth signal. Environmental factors in between the device and computer, such as metal pipes in a wall can also affect performance.
Avoiding these kind of conflicts will eliminate most Bluetooth issues. For specific problems, such as difficulty setting up Bluetooth, issues with Bluetooth headsets, dealing with bandwidth issues, and issues with playing media files, disconnect the device to delete the connection settings, install the latest HP Bluetooth driver from the HP web site, and then pair the devices. If the problem persists, please refer to the relevant sections of this document.

Why do I see a Bluetooth "Hardware not Found" error message?

Once you have installed the latest HP Bluetooth driver , plug Bluetooth device into a computer again and the error message hardware not found or Bluetooth not detected appears, there's a chance that the computer is not Bluetooth enabled. To determine if Bluetooth is available on the computer, follow the steps below.
  1. Click Start, enter device in the search field, and select Device Manager from the list.
  2. Double-click to expand the Network adapters list and look for Bluetooth.
  3. If not found, Bluetooth hardware is not installed on your computer.
You may also open the HP Wireless Assistant and verify that Bluetooth does not appear under Networks. To do so, double-click the HP Wireless Assistant icon in the taskbar.
If the HP Wireless Assistant icon does not appear in the taskbar, you can enable this feature in the application options. Click Start, enter HP Wireless, and then select HP Wireless Assistant from the list. Then click Properties. Select the HP Wireless Assistant icon in notification area check box, and then click Apply.
If the HP Wireless Assistant icon still does not display, click the Show hidden icons icon , click Customize, and then select Show icon and notifications from the drop down list next to the HP Wireless Assistant icon .
The Bluetooth software included with your computer will install even if the computer is not Bluetooth enabled. As a result, a Bluetooth icon may appear in the taskbar.

When I use Quick Connect, why is there no headphone option?

There is no headphone option when you right click on the Bluetooth system tray icon and select quick connect. If you select headset, it will not discover any headphones. Headsets and headphones use different services.

Why can't I play a media file from my wireless network using a Bluetooth headset?

Headphones use over 90% of available Bluetooth bandwidth. If you initiate any other Bluetooth activity (view devices in range, or try to use any other Bluetooth services), the music may play intermittently, skip, or the headphone's synchronization with the audio source may disconnect.
The amount of other radio frequency noise in the area will affect the performance and will limit the range. Other devices that broadcast wirelessly that are close by, such as a cordless phone or baby monitor, can interfere with the Bluetooth signal. Additionally, transferring a file using a wireless network (WLAN) while listening to stereo on a Bluetooth connection will cause distortion and/or loss of connection.
In general, expect the music to break up as the distance between the computer and headphones increases. Maximum performance will be within 5 meters, or about 15 feet. And for best performance, use a Bluetooth headset while close to the computer, and do not use Bluetooth for any other function when using a Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth lacks sufficient bandwidth to support another device while listening to stereo quality audio.
Wireless LAN and Bluetooth use the same 2.4 GHz unlicensed band and therefore may cause coexistence issues when used at the same time. In addition, stereo level audio requires high bandwidth to maintain audio quality and connection.

Why does my headphone music break up, repeat, or play out of sync?

If the issue is not one of bandwidth, as covered in the previous section, the problem may be caused by a number of issues. The checklist below may help solve the problem.
  • Have you recently toggled between the display and an external monitor?
    When toggling between display modes, the music may repeat, break up, or skip for a few seconds until it has a chance to re-sync.
  • Have you recently set the computer to Standby, Hibernate, or Power Off?
    If so, the headphone connection will time out and the headphone audio sync will need to be reconnected once the unit is up and running. Your audio player may need to be closed and restarted once headphone connection is established.
  • Have you recently muted and un-muted the audio player?
    If so, it may take a few seconds for the sound to synchronize.
  • Are you installing, removing or copying files from a SD card while listening?
    Installing, removing, or copying files in any way takes up system resources, and can degrade the quality of the audio you are listening to over your headphones.
  • Have you recently charged your headphones?
    Verify that the headphones are charged. Lack of power can disrupt the signal.
  • Do you have an older version of Bluetooth headphones?
    Older Bluetooth headphone models may have a problem with driver compatibility.

Why can't I hear music on my headphones?

You must close and restart the audio player after you discover, pair and enable audio sync for the headphones before music can be heard on the headphones.

Why can't I hear music on my computer's speakers after using the Bluetooth headphones?

You must disconnect audio sync for the headphone, close, and restart your audio player before music will return to the default audio sound playback device. On some platforms, you may need to unpair the headphones before sound is returned to the defaulted audio sound playback device.

How do I control the volume?

There are two different Volume control settings, one on the headphones themselves, and one on the computer.
PC volume control defaults to maximum the first time you use the headphones. Once you adjust the PC volume control, it will use the same setting the next time you establish a connection to the headphones.
To adjust the volume on the computer, select the volume icon on the taskbar to open the Volume Control Panel. Then adjust headphone volume using the Wave Slider.
Please be aware that on the Volume Control Panel, selecting mute for all devices or just the Wave Slider has no effect.
Hardware Volume buttons, such as those embedded in a keyboard or docking station, do not affect the headphone's volume. Likewise, the mute button on a keyboard or a docking station has no effect on headphones.
If the headphones have a microphone, they will have a mute button on the headset, but that button controls only the microphone. The best way to mute sound entirely is to use the audio player's mute function. Note that after muting and un-muting the audio player, it may take a few seconds for the sound to synchronize.

Why doesn't the Forward/Next button of the Bluetooth Headphone move to the next media in the play list in Vista?

This is a problem that can be resolved by adjusting some settings. To do so, follow these steps.
  1. Click Start, enter sound in the search field, and select Sound and Audio Device from the list.
  2. On the Audio tab, deselect "Use only default devices," then select the same box. Then save your settings and close the window.

Why doesn't the Forward/Next button of the Bluetooth Headphone move to the next media in the play list in Windows 7?

This is a problem that can be resolved by setting the headphones as the default device. To do so, follow these steps.
  1. Click Start, enter sound in the search field, and select Sound from the list.
  2. Right-click the Bluetooth headphones listed and select Set as Default Device.
  3. Click Apply and then OK to save the settings and close the window.






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