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HP Notebook PCs - Using Fingerprint Reader to Login to Applications and Web Sites

This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows Vista.

Understanding the fingerprint reader

Integrated fingerprint readers are available on specific models of HP PCs. In order to use a fingerprint reader, you will need to set up a user account with a password on the PC. This will allow you to log on to your PC with a swipe of a designated finger. You may also use the fingerprint reader to fill in password fields on web sites and other applications that require a log in. The software that controls the fingerprint reader is provided by VeriSoft.
Once you create your fingerprint identity, by registering your fingerprints and associating them to your Windows Vista login identity, you can set up a Single Sign On service that allows you to use your fingerprint scanner to create credentials for any application that requires a user name and password.

Create your fingerprint identity

To create your fingerprint identity, log onto your Windows Vista notebook as you would normally. If you are the only person on this computer with an account, you will be able to set up your VeriSoft fingerprint identity immediately. If you share the computer with other individuals, you will need to have a separate Windows Vista user account of your own. Refer to the See Also section for information on how to set up a Vista user account.
To create your VeriSoft fingerprint identity, follow the steps below.
  1. Click Start > All programs > VeriSoft > My Identity, and select Register Credentials to open the VeriSoft Registration Wizard.
    Alternately, you may swipe an unregistered finger across the fingerprint scanner to open the wizard.
  2. If prompted, enter your username and password to log onto the computer manually before continuing.
  3. In the wizard, select Next > Fingerprints (registered) to open the Enroll your fingerprints window.
  4. Select a finger that you will use as your credential routinely. Now, use the mouse or the stylus to select the graphic of the finger you have selected on the on-screen hand icons. (A finger marked in green has already been registered; different people may select the same finger without any problems.)
    Figure : Enroll Your Fingerprints
    Image of the Enroll your fingerprints opening screen.
  5. You will be prompted to swipe the same finger across the reader at least four times to allow the software to get an adequate sample of information. You may swipe the finger either from left to right, or right to left, but you must do so in a consistent way throughout the registration process.
    You will be prompted to swipe again if the image taken was poor, or if you moved your finger across the reader too quickly.
    VeriSoft recommends registering two fingers. When prompted, select a second finger and repeat the process.
  6. To finish the enrollment process, click Next. You have successfully registered your fingerprint, and may now use it in place of a password to log into Windows Vista.

Setting up Single Sign On

Single Sign On is a service that allows you to use your fingerprint in place of a password in multiple applications that require password protection, such as email accounts, website logins, and others. Rather than having to type your password in the blank field, you will now be able to swipe your registered finger across the fingerprint reader, and the VeriSoft program will log you onto your application or web site. To set up Single Sign On, follow the steps below.
  1. Click Start > All programs > VeriSoft > My Identity > Settings and Options > General Options to open the General Options window.
  2. Verify that there is a check in the box beside Use VeriSoft to sign into Windows. Click Apply.
  3. In the Settings and Options window, select Single Sign On.
  4. Verify that all boxes are checked, except for Do not show hint window, click Apply, then close the window.
You should now be able to use the fingerprint reader in multiple applications.

Registering other applications with VeriSoft fingerprint identity

You can decide to use the fingerprint reader to access a program or website by registering the application and adding a user name and password. VeriSoft remembers this information and enters it for you when you swipe your finger across the fingerprint reader.
You can register an application either of two ways: while logging on an individual application, or by using the Single Sign On application wizard. After registering the application you can modify the security settings.

Register an application when logging on

To add an application to the VeriSoft library of passwords and credentials, when logging on using the fingerprint reader, follow the steps below.
  1. Open the program's login window by your normal method. For example, for a web-based email account, sign in.
  2. Manually type in your existing user name and password. Press Enter or click Sign in, whichever applies to your specific application.
  3. A window will appear, asking "Do you want the system to remember the credentials you entered for <application name>?" Select Yes.
    You have successfully linked your Verisoft identity to a user name and password on a separate application or website. From this point on, you may use your fingerprint in place of a password for this application.
    The next time you log onto this application or website, and you open the login window, the VeriSoft Logon Wizard will appear. You may uncheck Show Welcome and Completion pages next time at any point to avoid this screen in the future.
  4. For the moment, click Next to open the Introduce Yourself window. You may now swipe your registered finger across the fingerprint reader to log into your application or website.

Register an application using the SSO wizard

To manually add a new application to the VeriSoft library of passwords and account names by creating a credential, follow the steps below.
  1. From the desktop, or any application that does not have a login, swipe a registered finger across the fingerprint reader. The Bioscrypt menu will appear.
  2. Select Register New Application, then select Next.
  3. Select Add a new SSO Application.
  4. Follow the directions on screen to select the application you wish to register, the type of activity that you wish to automate, and then drag the icon from the SSO Application Window onto the field area of the program that you wish to populate with password information.
    Close the window when you've completed all required actions.
You have successfully registered a new application in the VeriSoft library of credentials.

Managing and deleting credentials for an individual application

If at any point in time you wish to delete or alter a single credential (for example, if you mis-typed a password on your initial logon, and you now have two credentials for the same web page or application), you may manage your credentials by following the steps below.
You may also edit the properties of the credential, which will allow you to turn Single Sign On off or on for a given application. It will also allow you to alter the behavior of VeriSoft, so that it will either automatically populate passwords and submit them, or populate the fields, but wait for you to submit the information.
  1. From the desktop, or any application that does not have a login, swipe a registered finger across the fingerprint reader. The Bioscrypt menu will appear.
  2. Select Manage Applications & Credentials.
  3. Select the website or application from the list.
  4. Click Remove to delete just this credential.
    (You may also edit the properties of any credential from this window by selecting the credential and then clicking the Properties button, or by right-clicking the credential and selecting Properties from the drop-down menu.)

Removing all your fingerprint credentials from the system

If you wish to remove your entire library of credentials and your fingerprints from the system--for instance, because you wish to give your notebook to someone else--you may do so by following the steps below.
This process will not affect your ability to access your Windows Vista account. You will be able to do so by manually inputting your user name and password, as before.
  1. From the Windows Vista desktop, click Start > All programs > VeriSoft > My Identity.
  2. Select More. . .
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Clear Identity for this Account.
  4. Click Yes.
You have successfully cleared your fingerprints and VeriSoft identity from the notebook PC.






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