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HP all-in-one desktop PCs - Cleaning your HP all-in-one PC

This document pertains to HP all-in-one PCs.
This document explains how to clean your HP all-in-one PC, keyboard, and mouse. Dust, pet hair, and other particles can accumulate on or inside your HP all-in-one PC. These particles can scratch hardware components and they can build up, shortening the product life by causing overheating. Cleaning your HP all-in-one PC can make it last longer by getting rid of this potentially damaging buildup. It is recommended to inspect the HP all-in-one PC for cleanliness once a month as part of a regular maintenance program.
Periodically check the HP all-in-one PC for dirt and dust. Make sure to check the cooling vents and I/O ports for dust buildup. Use the following sections to clean your HP all-in-one PC.
The HP all-in-one PC shown in this document is for example only. Your HP all-in-one PC may look different, and the location of cooling vents and I/O ports will vary.

Before you begin

Before cleaning the HP all-in-one PC, perform these steps to reduce the risk of electrical shock:
  1. Turn off the HP all-in-one PC.
  2. Unplug the HP all-in-one PC from its power source.

Cleaning the screen

If your HP all-in-one PC has a touch screen, then for optimal touch performance, it requires periodic cleaning to remove any particles on the sides and surface of the screen. The touch screen has a protective glass surface that can be cleaned by using a soft cloth or paper towel dampened with a typical glass cleaner.
All-in-one screens that are not touch screens may be cleaned in the same manner.
To clean the screen:
  1. Disable the screen by turning off the PC and disconnecting the power cord from the wall.
  2. Spray a small amount of a mild glass cleaner onto a lint-free soft cloth.
    Figure : Spray glass cleaner on a soft cloth
  3. Wipe the surface and each side of the display to remove any dirt, fingerprints, or other debris that could hinder the touch recognition of the screen.
    Figure : Wipe screen with soft cloth
    Do not spray or place the cleaner directly on the screen; spray the cleaner into the cloth and then wipe the sides and surface of the touch screen. Also, for touch screens, avoid wiping in the top corners where the optics are located.
    Do not use an abrasive cleaner or cloth when cleaning the sides or surface of the screen as this could cause damage to the screen.
    Figure : Do not spray cleaner directly on screen

Cleaning the case

If the case has accumulated dust and buildup, follow these steps to clean:
  1. Use a clean, dry cloth to dust the case.
    Figure : Dusting the case
  2. Use a clean cloth dampened with warm water to wipe it clean.
    If sticker residue is present, use isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth to remove the residue.
  3. Use a clean cloth to dry.

Cleaning the cooling vents

The vents allow air to flow through your HP all-in-one PC and help keep it cool. Buildup inside these vents impedes the cooling process. Use a battery-powered vacuum to remove dust and buildup from the vents.
Figure : Vacuuming the cooling vents

Cleaning I/O ports

The HP all-in-one PC has a series of I/O ports in the back. Dust and debris can collect in these ports, reducing connectivity and performance. Use a battery-powered vacuum to remove any debris that has accumulated in and around these ports.
Figure : Vacuuming the I/O ports

Cleaning the keyboard

Dust and other particles can fall between and beneath the keys of your keyboard. Gently use a battery-powered vacuum to remove debris particles that get between and beneath the keyboard keys. Use a low setting to avoid removing key caps and springs.
Figure : Vacuuming the keyboard
Use a clean, dry cloth and isopropyl alcohol to clean the buildup on the keyboard keys.
Figure : Cleaning buildup on keyboard keys and mouse

Cleaning the mouse

Use a clean, dry cloth and isopropyl alcohol to clean the buildup on the bottom and top of the mouse.
Figure : Cleaning the mouse






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