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HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Upgrading Windows Using Windows Vista Anytime Upgrade

What you need to start

To upgrade Windows Vista to another version of Windows Vista, you need to do two things:
  • Get a Windows Anytime Upgrade installation disc.
    This disc might have been included with the computer. If not, you can buy the disc at a retail store or online. While upgrading, you will be instructed when to insert the disc.
  • To buy the upgrade online.
    Windows Anytime Upgrade automatically takes you to the site. Click Start, Windows Anytime Upgrade, and then begin update process.
    Figure : Windows Anytime Upgrade
    Windows Anytime Upgrade

What you should know before using Windows Anytime Upgrade

If you choose to upgrade to a new version of Windows, some of the original settings and functionalities that were provided with your original system are removed or replaced. Here are some of the changes that you should know about before changing your version of Windows:
  • After upgrading, HP can still support hardware under the terms of the warranty period, but Microsoft supports the new version of the Windows software under its terms.
  • HP support articles will be removed from the Help & Support application.
  • Links from HP Total Care Advisor to HP articles in the Help & Support application will no longer work.
  • Links to HP partner offers will be removed from the Welcome Center
  • HP logo and support information will be removed from the system properties screen.
  • HP logo will be removed from the Performance Information & Tools screen.
  • Link to HP TouchSmart application will be removed from the Start menu. The application will still be accessible by a desktop icon (affects IQ series products only).
  • An HP or Compaq System Recovery will restore your system to its original factory image. The recovered system will not have the upgraded version of Windows.

Which editions you can upgrade to

You have a few choices of upgrades, depending on what you own now:
  • If you have Windows Vista Home Basic, you can upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate.
  • If you have Windows Vista Business, you can upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate

Overview of Windows Vista editions

Following is a brief description of each Windows Vista edition:
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
    Windows Vista Basic is for users with the most basic computing needs such as surfing the Internet, using e-mail, and document creation and editing. Compared to previous versions of Windows, it has more robust safety features, it is easier to set up and use, and has new search tools for finding files and programs.
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
    Windows Vista Premium is for users interested in more advanced digital and media technology. It comes with the new Windows interface: Windows Aero, with search features and organization tools for collections of documents, pictures, movies, videos, and music. It is also better for communicating with other PCs and peripherals. With the Premium edition, you can create DVDs and edit your own high-definition movies, record and watch TV shows including HDTV, and access online entertainment. It includes Windows Tablet and Touch Technology, so you can interact with your Tablet PC with a digital pen or your fingertip.
  • Windows Vista Business
    Windows Vista Business edition is for large or small businesses. The Business edition has powerful safety features and protection against viruses and malware. It includes a warning of impending hardware failures, and a new backup technology. The installation of the operating system is image based, so the images are not hardware-dependent, reducing management and updating time. It also includes Windows Tablet and Touch Technology, so you can interact with your Tablet PC with a digital pen or your fingertip.
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
    Windows Vista Ultimate is designed to be a powerful system for users who want to work from home or who want to be mobile, who might want to connect to a corporate network, and who want advanced entertainment and media features. The Ultimate edition has all the features of the Windows Vista Home Premium edition, combined with powerful business security and management tools.

System requirements

Some features available in the premium editions of Windows Vista might require advanced or additional hardware. For system requirement information on each Windows Vista edition, see the Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade (in English).
To check for your current version of Windows Vista, click Start , click Control Panel, click System and Maintenance, and then click Welcome Center.
The Windows edition is displayed near the top of the Welcome window.
To see if a particular hardware device or software program is compatible with Vista 32-bit or Vista 64-bit, go to the Windows Vista Compatibility Center (in English).

Upgrading to another edition of Windows Vista

To upgrade to another edition of Windows Vista, follow the procedure below.
  1. Back up all your files, (including music, pictures, videos, digital licenses, e-mail archives) to a separate source (CD, DVD, or separate hard disk drive).
  2. Create system recovery discs for your computer if you have not already done so.
  3. Open Windows Anytime Upgrade by clicking Start , and then Windows Anytime Upgrade.
    The welcome screen opens.
    Figure : Windows Anytime Upgrade welcome screen
    Windows Anytime Upgrade welcome screen
  4. Follow the instructions on each screen.
  5. Insert the Windows Anytime Upgrade disc into the DVD drive when you are instructed to do so.
  6. Click Run setup.exe.
  7. Click Allow at the User Account Control screen.
  8. After a couple minutes, an Install Windows screen opens.
    Figure : Install Windows screen choices
    Install Windows screen choices
  9. Before you start the installation, you have three choices:
    • Check your computer's compatibility online. If you click this option, you will be sent to the Microsoft Windows Get Ready page where you can run Vista Upgrade Advisor. The Advisor tool assesses whether your computer is ready for the upgrade.
    • Read more about system requirements, backing up your data, and issues and incompatibilities that might occur with the new version.
    • Transfer files and settings from another computer with the Easy Transfer tool.
  10. Click Install now.
    After several minutes, an update screen opens.
  11. You can go online to get the latest updates (such as security updates and drivers). Click Next.
    You will need your computer product key to get the latest updates.
  12. From the Windows Vista list, select which Windows edition you are upgrading to.
  13. Click the check box next to I accept the license terms, and then click Next.
  14. In the next Install screen, you have a choice between upgrade types:
    • Upgrade - keeps your files, settings, and programs intact, and backs up your data to a file
    • Custom (advanced) - installs a "clean" copy of Windows and deletes your data
  15. Click the check box next to I accept the license terms, and then click Next.
    This part of the update can take hours. The computer restarts several times. Do not use or touch the keyboard, mouse, or computer.

Completing the Vista update

When the first part of the update is finished, a window opens with choices about updating your system's security.
  1. Select from the choices in the security update window.
    A date and time settings window opens.
  2. Review the accuracy of your date and time settings, and click Next.
  3. In the Thank you window that opens, click Start.
    Do not use the mouse or keyboard. A green bar at the bottom of the screen shows the progress. Windows then restarts with a new screen and message, Preparing your desktop. The new Windows Vista edition displays at the bottom of this screen.
    A series of startup and security screens open and close. After a few minutes, the Symantec LiveUpdate screen opens.
  4. To update security software automatically, click Next.
After a few minutes, the Windows Welcome Center opens, displaying the updated Windows Vista edition.






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