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HP Products - PictBridge Technology Compatibility


This document explains the PictBridge technology and shows a list of HP products that support PictBridge technology.

PictBridge technology

PictBridge is a new industry standard that allows you to print directly from a digital camera to a printer if both the camera and printer are PictBridge-compliant. There is no need to use a computer to print with a PictBridge digital camera and a PictBridge printer. The PictBridge cord that comes with the PictBridge digital camera will connect the digital camera directly to the printer PictBridge port.
PictBridge cameras have the following PictBridge logo on their packaging:
Figure : PictBridge logo
Consult your camera User Guide for more details.
PictBridge digital cameras and PictBridge printers support a set of specifications according to the PictBridge standard. However, support for options such as paper types and sizes, page layout, and other features varies widely among digital cameras. Some digital cameras may use a set of default settings while others may not display any settings. The digital camera manufacturer determines any specific feature supported.
When the PictBridge camera is connected to the PictBridge printer through the PictBridge cord, the camera and the printer exchange information so that each knows what the other can do.
The camera screen will display the images to be printed. The printer will initiate the print-job by retrieving the required details about the image file from the camera. The printer will print the specified images and finally, the printer will notify the camera when the print-job is complete.

Digital Printing Order Format (DPOF)

The Digital Printing Order Format (DPOF) is supported with the cameras listed below. To use the DPOF feature directly from the camera to a printer, a PictBridge printer is needed. The camera only supports direct printing over PictBridge. However, DPOF is not dependant on having a PictBridge printer since the camera actually saves the Digital Print Order Format onto the Secure Digital (SD) card.
If the printer is NOT a PictBridge-compliant printer, but it has a SD card slot and supports DPOF, then insert the SD card that has the DPOF file into the printer and print the images desired.
The DPOF file is a text file that instructs the printer to print certain images a particular number of times. The USB camera-to-printer cord cannot be used to access that feature of the camera.
The two possible options to using the DPOF feature, are listed:
  • First option:
    The camera needs to be connected to a PictBridge printer via a USB cable.
  • Second option:
    • If the printer is PictBridge-compliant, the camera can be connected via a USB cable.
    • If the printer is not PictBridge-compliant but supports DPOF, then DPOF can be ensured by using a SD card.

HP products supporting PictBridge technology

Officejet All-in-One
PSC All-in-One
Photosmart All-in-One
Photosmart Photo Printers
Deskjet Printers
Photosmart Digital cameras
HP Officejet 6200 All-in-One series
HP PSC 1310 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 2570 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 320 Printers series
HP Deskjet 460 Mobile Printers series
Photosmart E217
Photosmart E317
HP Officejet 6300 All-in-One series
HP PSC 1510 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 2600 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 330 Printers series
HP Deskjet 5440 Printers series
Photosmart E327
Photosmart E427
HP Officejet 7200 All-in-One series
HP PSC 1600 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 2700 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 370 Printers series
HP Deskjet 5940 Printers series
Photosmart M22
Photosmart M23
HP Officejet 7300 All-in-One series
HP PSC 2350 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 3100 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 380 printers
HP Deskjet 6620 Printers series
Photosmart M305
Photosmart M307
HP Officejet 7400 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 3200 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 422 Portable Photo Studio series
HP Deskjet 6840 Printers series
Photosmart M407
Photosmart M415
HP Photosmart 3300 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 425 Portable Photo Studio series
HP Deskjet 6940 Printers series
Photosmart M417
Photosmart M425
Photosmart M517
HP Photosmart C6100 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 428 Portable Photo Studio series
HP Deskjet 6980 Printers series
Photosmart M525
Photosmart M527
HP Photosmart C7100 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart 7800 Printers series
Photosmart M627
Photosmart R507
HP Photosmart 8000 Printers series
Photosmart R607
Photosmart R707
HP Photosmart 8100 Printers series
Photosmart R717
Photosmart R725
HP Photosmart 8200 Printers series
Photosmart R727
Photosmart R817
HP Photosmart 8400 Printers series
Photosmart R818
Photosmart R827
HP Photosmart 8700 Printers series
Photosmart R927
Photosmart R967
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