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HP Officejet G Series All-in-One - HP Officejet G Series Front Panel Button Overview

What do the front panel buttons do and what functions are in the menu?
You can perform a number of functions using either the front panel or the HP Officejet G series all-in-one product software. The chosen method may depend on the function to be performed, or it may depend on what is most convenient.
Even if the HP Officejet G series all-in-one product is not connected to a PC (also called stand-alone use), use the front panel to process fax and copy jobs. Change a wide variety of settings using the front-panel buttons and menu system. The front panel may look slightly different from the example below depending on the model. This information is also available in the Onscreen User’s Guide.
HP Officejet G series all-in-one product basic front panel features
    Figure : Front panel buttons 1 of 2
  1. A- Power - Turns the unit on and off.
  2. B- Start Scan - Starts a scan job.
  3. C- Scan To - To send the scan to a specific program, press Scan To repeatedly until the applicable program appears on the front-panel display, then press START SCAN. The List of “Scan To” applications can be modified in the Director software Settings menu. The Scan To button will display connected PCs on units connected with a HP Jetdirect print server.
  4. D- Reduce/Enlarge - To use Custom, Full Page, or Legal to Letter, press Reduce/Enlarge until the desired setting appears. Press ENTER to select. Pressing the (-) and (+) keys in custom mode will set a custom zoom setting.
  5. E- Special Features - Select from these copy options: Normal, Fit to Page, 2 on 1, Clone, Poster, Margin Shift and Mirror. Press ENTER to set the option. These Special Features are covered in detail in the Onscreen Users Guide section about copy features and below under Special Copy Features.
  6. F- Color - Starts a color copy.
  7. G- Number of Copies - Increases the number of copies by one with each press. Pressing (-) or (+) will also increase or decrease the number of copies to make. Use this button with the numeric keypad to enter multiple copies between 1 and 99.
  8. H- Paper Type - Toggles through the paper type settings: Plain, Transparency, Photo Paper, Premium Inkjet, Iron On, Brochure Glossy and Brochure Matte.
  9. I- Black - Starts a black copy.
  10. J- Quality - Changes the copy quality through the three quality settings available. A lit LED next to the setting indicates the current selection.
  11. K- Cancel - Cancels any operation that the HP Officejet G series all-in-one product is processing and exits a menu.
  12. L- Lighter/Darker - Lightens or darkens copy. The range of values appears as a circle on a scale on the display. Press the (-) or (+) buttons to lighten or darken the copy. The circle moves to the left or right, depending on the button pressed. Press ENTER to use the selected setting.
  13. M- Arrow keys (-) / (+) - Scroll among selections or to increase/decrease the number of copies.
  14. N- Menu - Cycles through the menu options. These options are addressed further in the document, but include: Copy Setup, Fax Functions (fax models only), Print Report, Speed Dial Setup (fax models only), Basic Fax Setup (fax models only), Advanced Fax Setup (fax models only) and Maintenance.
  15. O- Enter - Selects or saves the displayed entry.
Numeric keypad and fax functions (HP Officejet G85, G85xi and G95 all-in-one products only)
Figure : Front Panel Buttons 2 of 2
Buttons 1 - 7 on the image above are found only on the faxing models (HP Officejet G85, G85xi and G95 all-in-one products). The HP Officejet G55 and G55xi all-in-one product models have only the numeric keypad.
1- One-Touch Speed dial - Access one-touch speed-dial buttons. These can be individual or group speed dials. Set them through the software or in the menu options from the front panel.
2- Auto Answer - Toggle Auto Answer on/off. The unit will automatically answer a call when this is on. The green LED is lit when this function is active.
3- Resolution - Steps through available fax resolutions. Pressing ENTER sets the resolution. The available settings are: Standard, 300dpi, Photo and Fine.
4- Black - Starts a black and white (normal) fax.
5- Color - Initiates a color fax. Color faxing is only possible if the receiving unit is capable of color faxing. Color faxing also takes longer.
6- Redial/Pause - Redials the last number or inserts a three-second pause when dialing a number. This can be useful when entering a long distance access code.
7- Speed Dial - To use an individual or group speed-dial code, press Speed Dial and enter the code. If it is one of the first 10 speed dials, press the corresponding button on the one-touch pad located on the left side of the front panel. The Speed Dial button accesses speed dials not set to the 10 one-touch buttons. The HP Officejet G series all-in-one product can store up to 125 speed dials. Speed dials can be individual or group speed dials. Set them through the software or in the menu options from the front panel.
8- Numeric Keypad - Dial a number to fax, enter the number of desired copies, or enter text from the front panel while setting up various functions such as fax header information, date and time, or speed dials.
The following lists the features and functions available by pressing the MENU button on the front panel of the HP Officejet G series all-in-one product.
Copy setup
  • Photo Mode - Temporarily turns Text Enhancements to OFF and Enhance Light Colors to ON for optimal copying of a photo. This can be toggled on or off.
  • Paper Size - The loaded paper size for copying is set with this option. Available sizes are letter, A4 and legal.
  • Text Enhance - Sharpens the edges of black text. It is turned on by default. This can be toggled on or off.
  • Enhance Light Colors - Enhances light-colored backgrounds. It is turned off by default and should be left off. Turn it on if pale colors copy as white.
  • Color Intensity - Adjust to make colors on the copy more vivid or more subtle. Seven levels of intensity are available, with the center setting being normal.
  • Set Copy Defaults - Save the copy settings used most often by making them the default settings.
  • Restore Factory Default Settings - Restores the original factory copy settings.
Fax functions (faxing models only)
  • Scan and Fax (Black Only) - Works with black and white faxing only. Scans the original into memory before sending the fax, enabling you to verify that each page fed properly before the telephone connection was made.
  • Send Fax Later - Allows a black-and-white fax to be sent later (for example, when telephone rates are lower). Using the front panel, select a single recipient or group. The fax is scanned into memory and remains there until the scheduled time.
  • Fax Forwarding - Allows a fax to be sent that has been received to another fax number.
  • Polling to Receive - Lets the HP Officejet G series all-in-one product "ask" another fax unit for the fax it has waiting. The other unit must be set for polling and have a fax ready to send.
Print report
  • Last Transaction - Prints information about the last fax.
  • Fax Log - Prints approximately the last 40 faxes sent and received.
  • Speed Dial List - Prints a complete list of all speed dial numbers entered. This is useful in remembering which number was assigned to a speed dial.
  • Menu Settings - Prints a list of all the menu settings available and what the current setting is.
  • Self-Test Report - Prints a Self-Test report. This is helpful when troubleshooting printing problems and for learning about the HP Officejet G series all-in-one product.
  • Automatic Reports Setup - Use to select when to print fax error reports.
Speed dial setup (faxing models only)
  • Individual Speed Dial - Launches a process to assign a speed dial number to one individual or company.
  • Group Speed Dial - Creates a distribution list of up to 25 individual speed-dial codes so that faxes can send to all at the same time. Create up to 125 codes (individual and group). To use a number in a group code, it must already be assigned an individual code. Only individual codes can be used; a group cannot be assigned to a group. The fax must fit in the unit's memory and can only be black and white.
  • Delete Speed Dial - Deletes a speed dial.
  • Print Speed Dial List - Provides another way to print the list of speed dials.
Basic fax setup (faxing models only)
  • Date and Time - The date and time can be entered into memory with this function. This information goes on reports and is inserted in the header of received faxes.
  • Fax Header - Allows the entry of a name and fax number into the fax header information. The FCC requires that all fax communications must have this information on them.
  • Rings to Answer - Sets the number of rings required before the unit answers a call. This is adjustable from between one and six rings.
  • Paper Size - Sets the currently loaded paper size for receiving faxes. The available choices are letter, A4 and legal.
  • Tone or Pulse Dialing - Switches between tone dialing and pulse. The default is tone.
  • Ring and Beep Volume - Sets the volume of the ringer and the beep when keys are pressed. The available choices are soft, loud and off.
Advanced fax setup (faxing models only)
  • Automatic Reports Setup - Another way to change when fax reports are printed. The selections include; Every Error, Send Error, Receive Error, Every Fax, Send Only and Off.
  • Answer Ring Pattern - Sets the ring pattern to answer for lines with a distinctive ringing service. The options available are All Rings, Single Rings, Double Rings, Triple Rings and Double and Triple Rings.
  • Busy Redial - Controls whether a fax number is to be redialed if the number is busy.
  • No Answer Redial - Determines whether a fax number dialed and not answered is to be redialed.
  • Automatic Reduction - Decides what the HP Officejet G series all-in-one product does if it receives a fax too large for the default paper size. With this setting on (the default), the image is reduced so that it fits on one page. With this feature off, the information that will not fit on the first page prints on a second page.
  • Backup Fax Reception - This is on by default. When backup Fax Reception is active, faxes are received into memory when they cannot print. When the error that caused the fax not to be printed is cleared, the faxes print from memory. The HP Officejet G series all-in-one product can store 100 to 125 standard fax pages in memory depending on the model purchased.
  • Error Correction Mode - Reduces data lost due to poor phone lines by detecting errors that occur during transmission and automatically requesting retransmission of the erroneous portion. Phone charges are unaffected, or may even be reduced, on good phone lines. On poor phone lines, ECM increases sending time and phone charges, but sends the data much more reliably. Turn ECM off (the default setting is on) using the front panel only if it increases phone charges substantially and you are willing to accept poorer quality in exchange for reduced charges.
  • Silent Detect - Allows the HP Officejet G series all-in-one product to receive transmission from older fax machines that do not emit a fax signal. These silent models represent less than five percent of fax machines in use. This is usually used on dedicated fax lines that may receive a fax from older machines.
  • Clean Print Cartridges - Use when the Self-Test report shows streaking or white lines through any of the colored bars. Do not clean cartridges unnecessarily. This wastes ink and shortens print cartridge life.
  • Align Print Cartridges - Begins the automatic cartridge alignment procedure. When aligning print cartridges, adjust their positions relative to each other.
  • Restore Factory Defaults - Returns all menu options back to the original factory settings.
  • Reprint Faxes in Memory - HP Officejet G series all-in-one product can store a limited number of fax pages in memory, with the number of pages depending on the model purchased. When the unit runs out of storage memory, it will not receive any more faxes until the stored ones are printed. Reprint Faxes in Memory enables you to a fax stored in memory to be reprinted if, for example, the print cartridge runs out of ink while printing a fax. This option prints all faxes in memory. Press CANCEL to stop printing unneeded faxes.
  • Set Power Save Mode Time - Sets the length of time before the HP Officejet G series all-in-one product goes into Power Save mode. The available options are 1, 4, 8 and 12 hours. The default is 12 hours.
Special copy features
The following explains the special copy features available from the front panel using the Special Features button. This information is also available in the Copy Features section of the Onscreen User’s Guide.
  • Normal - Produces a normal copy of the original.
  • Fit to Page - Enlarges or reduces the original as necessary to fill one full page (to the extent of the copy margins).
  • 2 on 1 - Copies two originals onto one page. You can only make one copy at a time using this feature.
  • Clone - Creates multiple copies of the original on the same sheet. For example, use Clone to create wallet-size copies of a photo. Control the number of original images on each page by changing the size percentage.
  • Poster - Divides the original into sections, then enlarges them so they can be assembled to create a poster. The largest poster available from the front panel is 400 percent of the size of the original.
  • Margin Shift - Moves the information on the copy to the left or right for easier binding or to make room for 3-hole punching.
  • Mirror - Reverses text and images so they appear backwards on the output. After the transfer is ironed onto a T-shirt, the picture appears properly on the shirt.
Changing the front panel language
The following steps will change the language (all models) and country (models G95, G85, and G85xi only) on the front panel:
  1. Press MENU.
  2. Select one of the following: For HP Officejet G55 or G55xi all-in-one products (all countries), press 3, then 5. For HP Officejet G95, G85, or G85xi all-in-one products (non-U.S. only), press 7, then 6.
  3. Follow the instructions that appear in the front-panel display.
    The front panel language is determined on fax capable models by the line interface unit (LIU) installed. Only the languages supported in the area the LIU is used in will display. The local language will not be a choice when taking the unit to a region of the world that uses a different LIU from that used where the unit was purchased. The LIU for that region must be obtained by calling HP Customer Support in that region of the world. This is also required to make faxing work correctly in that region.






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