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HP Digital Sender 9100C - How to Enable and Use the Copy Function

Copy functionality has not been enabled on the HP Digital Sender 9100C.
To enable the copy function, enter the configuration menu by pressing SHIFT+ALT+GO (green button), and configure the following:
IP configuration
To specify how the digital sender is to receive its TCP/IP configuration - manually or from a DHCP or BOOTP server.
IP Address
IP address of the digital sender.
IP Subnet Mask
Needed only if subnets are used.
IP Gateway
IP address of the gateway server used to send packets off the local network.
Administrator Password
Recommended - not required.
When finished press Save (F1). The digital sender will reboot.
Next, install the client software on your PC from the HP Digital Sender CD. This will install the HP Digital Sender Link and the Address Book Manager by default. After the PC reboots the Digital Sender Link will auto start, (the link is needed to communicate with the HP Digital Sender 9100C). Open the Address Book Manager from the HP 9100C program group. In the ABM screen enter the IP address of the HP Digital Sender 9100C, the user name (Administrator), and the Administrator password as entered on the HP Digital Sender 9100C. Once in the ABM program highlight Public Printers, then click in file then add. This will prompt you to add a Name for the Printer, the IP address of the printer, and Type of Printer. Close the Address Book Manager. The HP Digital Sender 9100C will now display a COPY button.
When you see a function key labeled COPY on the main screen of the Digital Sender, you can send documents to a network printer to make copies. Convenience copying works only with printers the administrator has configured for use with the digital sender.
Keep the following in mind when sending documents to a printer to make copies:
  • The HP Digital Sender 9100C can send to only one printer at a time.
  • More than one copy of a document can be sent, but the copies cannot be collated. When sending multiple copies, all the first pages print, then all of the second pages, and so on.
  • Only some color printers can print color documents sent from the digital sender. If you have a color printer, check with the administrator to see if it can print color documents sent from the digital sender.
    If you want to print collated copies or do not have a color network printer available to print color copies, send the document to the Circulate program and print it from there.
To Copy Documents to a Printer
At any time before pressing GO to send the document, you can press CANCEL or BACK to return to the main screen without saving any settings.
  1. Log in (if prompted) and press COPY.
  2. Using the Scroll Arrow Up and Scroll Arrow Down keys, choose the printer where you want to print the copies and press ENTER.
  3. In the Copies field, type the number of copies you want to make.
  4. The current Quality setting is shown in the upper right corner of the display.
  5. Press GO to begin sending the document.
    • If you sent a single-sided document using the ADF, the process is finished.
    • If you sent a double-sided document using the ADF, wait for the first side to finish. Then, reload the document with the second side facing up, last page on top, and press GO again.
    • If you used the glass, remove the page when it is finished. Then, place the next page face down on the glass and press GO. After the last page, press SEND.






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