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HP Digital Sender 9100C - Readme File for version 5.01

The following is an excerpt of the HP Digital Sender Readme file Version 5.01.
This provides the latest information about the January 2002 update release version 5.01 for the HP Digital Sender 9100C.



Use the HP Enterprise Center software to upgrade the firmware. From the Tools menu select Upgrade and then select the cu5.01.x.tgz file. This “.tgz” file is:· located on the product 5.01 CD-ROM – “\upgrade”· installed with Enterprise Center by the Administrative 5.01 Web download – “C:\HP 9100C\upgrade”where “C:\HP 9100C\” is the installation’s default target directory. The target directory is customizable at install time and may be or may already have been changed.
Attention: To successfully upgrade the Digital Sender, Enterprise Center version 4.0 is required. This version is available on the 4.0, 5.00 or 5.01 product CD-ROM, or through the “HP Digital Sender 9100C software Upgrade” download from the HP support website.
Enterprise Center version 3.0 or earlier must be uninstalled through “Add/Remove Programs" in Windows Control Panel before upgrading to this new version.


The Version 4.0 software components released with the January 2001 product update represent the most current software versions. It is not necessary to upgrade version 4.0, 5.00 or 5.01 software for this firmware release.
To upgrade to the latest software components:
  1. Insert the 5.01 product CD-ROM
  2. Download and run the “HP Digital Sender 9100C software Upgrade” available from the Administrator section of the Drivers & Downloads support page. The install program will prompt you to select which software components you wish to install. Note: It is strongly recommended that older versions of HP Digital Sender 9100C software components be uninstalled before new versions are installed.
The software Components enhanced for the 4.00 revision of the HP Digital Sender 9100C firmware are:
  • Address Book Manager
  • Enterprise Center
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 4.0 (Available on the DS9100C 5.01 CD-ROM or as a separate download from http://www.adobe.com)
  • Administrator Guide
  • ReadMe files
Each component can be uninstalled though "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows Control Panel with the following exceptions:
HP9100C Digital Sender - Administrator
  • Uninstalls: Address Book Manager, Digital Sender Link, Administrator Guide, and ReadMe files
HP Digital Sender 9100C - Client
  • Uninstalls Address Book Manager, Digital Sender Link
  • Reinstall client software by selecting only these components during installation
Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.x
  • Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 without uninstalling the previous version
  • Do not uninstall Adobe Circulate before upgrading the Adobe Acrobat Reader

New Features

New Features for version 5.01

Authentication Server – Included in this version is a new server based authentication application that provides an additional method for the digital sender to authenticate against a network user database. The application is provided on the version 5.01 product CD-ROM.
Note: SSL negotiation requires that the date, time and time zone be set correctly in the Digital Sender.
Warning: When using the Test Login Web page feature in Web Access, account names and passwords are being passed clear text from the browser to the HP Digital Sender 9100C. If security is an issue, then when testing encourage the use of test account names and passwords.
Warning: It is recommended that, when using secure web-based NT authentication, the HP Digital Sender Administrator password is set in order to maximize security.
Additional Supported Jetdirect print servers -
The HP Digital Sender 9100C now supports the 615Nseries Jetdirect print servers.

New Features for version 5.00

Replication of configuration parameters: Using the Web Access tool, configuration parameters can be propagated to a user definable group of digital senders. Parameters may be selected by function, such as “e-mail” or “network” settings.
Note: Web Access Replication does not propagate any part of the Address Book. To propagate user profiles, email addresses, fax number lists, printers (for the Copy key), or ISV (Custom Function Keys, including Microsoft Share Point Portal settings) to other digital senders, you must run a “Replica” using HP Enterprise Center first, before using the Web Access tool to Replicate configuration settings.
Web Authentication From: field population: Two additional options are available to populate the From: field when using Web Authentication. They are:
Login - accepts data from an LDAP attribute containing NT username only vs. domain:username.
Suffix – creates From: field address using contents of logon “Username” field, and the string provided in the “…suffix” field
Web Access Enhancements: The web configuration tool now supports additional configuration settings not available through the HP Jetadmin tool or the Control Panel menus.
Default document settings are available for each document destination.
Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server support: Through the use of NSI’s AutoStore application, the Digital Sender 9100C supports customized control panel definitions which allow integration with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server workflows. AutoStore version 2002 is required for this functionality.
Secure E-mail solution: The Digital Sender now supports integration with the OmTool Genidocs solution which requires the e-mail recipient to provide proof of identification. It also encrypts the message during transport over the Internet. For more information, visit www.omtool.com/products/genidocs.
E-mail header editing: The e-mail header information included with documents when sending through e-mail is now customizable from the Web Access tool.
SSL certificate management: Additional SSL certificates for secure Web Authentication can now be added directly through the Web Access tool.
Guest Mode access: When enabling “Guest Mode” for user access, the Logon screen is not displayed. This returns the Guest Mode feature to its version 3.x functionality.
LAN Fax .HPF file updated: The authenticated username is now displayed in the .HPF file when logging on to the Digital Sender with Web Authentication. This allows LAN Fax servers supporting internal authentication to locate the sender by network username.

Known Defects and Workarounds

When “ISV File Name Selection” is enabled in the control panel, and ISV keys are defined then ISV functionality is enabled. When an ISV key is used, the filename selection must be entered before a quality setting is chosen, otherwise the quality setting will be reset to it’s previous setting.
It is recommended that a Jetdirect 610N series card running 8.21 Jetdirect Firmware not be used.

Usability Requirements

The User Guide is provided in text format for compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).
The file "UG.TXT" is located in "C:\HP 9100C\doc\" where "C:\HP 9100C\" is the installation's default target directory. The target directory is customizable at install time and may be or may already have been changed.

Technical support assistance

Contact the HP Customer Support and Service Organization for your region. Reference the Administrator Guide for additional methods of obtaining software and support information, such as driver distribution centers, other online services, and fax service.






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