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HP Network Scanjet 5 Scanner - Product Overview

  • The HP Network Scanjet 5 scanner operates from the front panel. Simply place a document into the automatic document feeder (bound documents go on the flatbed), then select one or more destinations (user desktops, printers, or fax numbers) from the control panel, and press the GO button. The HP Network Scanjet 5 immediately scans the document at 15 pages a minute and automatically compresses the scanned pages and sends them as a single document to the server and then to the destinations.
  • You can set up customized distribution lists for user desktops and fax destinations. A distribution list can include multiple desktop and fax addresses, enabling document distribution with a single scanning operation to all the addresses.
  • On the receiver's side, the behavior depends on the destination.
    • When your desktop receives a scanned document, the HP Network Scanjet 5 Utility automatically retrieves the file and redirects it to the selected default inbox.
    • If the PaperPort for HP is selected as the inbox, a thumbnail image of the scanned document appears on the desktop, where it can be moved into any of the more than 100 supported applications (filing, word-processing, e-mail, fax, groupware).
    • Supported inboxes include the PaperPort for HP desktop, personal and network printers, E-mail applications, disk drives and any Windows application which accepts an image file as parameter.
    • When a destination fax number is selected the scanned document is sent to the configured LAN fax system which then transmits it.
    • When a printer is selected as a destination, the document is automatically printed.
  • With Automatic Workflow, the HP Network Scanjet 5 can scan documents directly into your favorite application (word processors, personal filing or e-mail applications), completely automating the document processing from the network scanner to the final application.
    The HP Network Scanjet 5 automatically passes the scanned document as a parameter to the configured application without any manual intervention on your part. The scanner enables you to select a preferred scanner setting, depending on the type, the quality of the original document, and the intended use for the scanned images. Preconfigured scanner settings are available for Text, Photo, and Text and Photo.
  • The HP Network Scanjet 5 also provides a complete set of toolkits (or API: Application Programmable Interface) to integrate the network scanner with any Windows application running on the network.
  • The HP Network Scanjet 5 is equipped with sophisticated data management utilities and hardware solutions to ensure optimal performance with minimum network overhead. Scanned documents are always managed in a compressed format while moving though the LAN, when stored on the file server and on the client PCs.
  • The HP Network Scanjet 5 is equipped with a hard drive that acts as an internal buffer when the network is busy. To eliminate waiting time at the scanner's control panel, files are sent to the server when the network becomes available. The server receives the compressed file and places it in a queue for the designated recipient. The hard drive provides intermediate data buffering between the network scanner and the server.
  • The HP Network Scanjet 5 is configured and managed by an applet fully integrated in the industry standard HP Jetadmin utility. The SNMP protocol is used natively to reply to MIB/MIB2 queries.
MIS Manager (economical benefits)
Department Manager (productivity benefits)
~~~~~~~~~~ Shared
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The best price/performance ratio for a workgroup
Eliminates the need of dedicated PC
Efficient way to make scanners available to an entire department
Single point of maintenance and support
Single usage model to explain
More reliable than any personal solution
~~~~~~~~~~ Save time
Scans quicklyinto applications
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Convert paper document into electronic business applications
Minimum time required at scanning station
Scanner is fast ("Document is ready on my monitor when I am back to my PC.")
Automatic Workflow allows automatic and immediate document processing
Low cost of ownership
Never broken or jammed
Reliable and fast ADF
Designed for the LAN. "I can monitor it also remotely with my standard NOS and SNMP tools."
HP Warranty and support
"It is up and running in a few minutes."
Easy to Use
Scanning is so simple ("Just press the GO button on the front panel.")
"PaperPort software is very intuitive, it does not require any education."
Easy to explain to my users
It does not require end user training ("I can explain how to use it in a 2 minute phone call.")
"Ease of use is the major benefit. People can scan documents by themselves. A pro user was required before."
As a shared device the cost can be divided by many users.
"As a workgroup we need a way to capture paper documents. I can just buy one scanner for the whole department."
Integrate the solution with company's workflow or other applications
Easy way to link applications to end user software
Toolkits provide ability to integrate with company's workflows
Scanner is fast
ADF has adequate capacity
Software works well with other applications
Select from front panel either desktop (local) users or remote fax numbers






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