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HP Support Services - HP Advanced Support Access Datasheet

Now IT professionals can get high-level support when they need it, just the way they want it

HP Advanced Support Access offers IT professionals quick, convenient access to HP’s highest level of technical support for HP printing and imaging products. This customer-focused program makes it easy to maintain HP products, reducing overall downtime in times of technical difficulties and ultimately decreasing the total cost of ownership. Advanced Support Access includes an assortment of communication tools that will expedite your critical support solutions; everything from a personalized Web page to a steady stream of proactive information. This service is available in the U.S. and Canada (English only in Canada).

Benefits of HP Advanced Support Access

Allows you to control and customize your total support experience. Reduces total cost of ownership for HP printing and imaging products. Offers quick-and-easy technical support. Provides support at a peer-to-peer IT level. Speeds issue resolution. Provides one toll-free number for all your HP printing and imaging product support needs.

Features of HP Advanced Support Access

Offers a variety of convenient ways to access the HP Priority Support Team, the highest level of technical support for your HP printing and imaging products (see back for details).

HP Advanced Support Access includes all of the following convenient services

  • Toll-Free Phone Access to the Priority Support Team:
    As a member of Advanced Support Access, your direct link with HP technical support will be through a specialized toll-free phone number. When combined with your personal PIN number, your call will be answered by the HP Priority Support team, a group of second-level agents and engineers who have been specially trained and are very experienced in supporting the IT professional and multi-tiered, centralized help desks. The agents and engineers in this group know you are highly skilled and represent a valuable Advanced Support Access account and will respond accordingly to your technical requirements.
  • Customized and Secured Customer Web Page:
    This Web page, customized to your individual profile, serves as your HP information hub. From your private online vantage point, you can access in-depth technical information, new and current product news, multimedia presentations and links to other HP and non-HP sites. You can also customize the products on the site so you have the quickest and easiest access to the technical support information specific to the HP products you own and support. Your Advanced Support Access customized Web site will also monitor and, collect the content that has been added since your most recent visit. Just by logging on you'll get convenient, around-the-clock access to all the support information you need.
  • Proactive E-Mail Notification:
    Using this feature, you can create a personal profile of specific search criteria, and our system will actively monitor HP Web sites and engineering resources for information that matches your criteria. We then automatically send an e-mail message to let you know that this information is available.
  • Second Level e-Mail Access:
    On your customized Advanced Support Access Web site you can send an e-mail to the HP Priority Support Team which will receive an immediate acknowledgement and the same prompt attention as if you had called directly.
  • Web-Based Service Dispatch:
    You will be able to request and schedule a service call through your customized Web site. The Priority Support agent will contact you in order to confirm the details of the request, and HP will address the issue with the appropriate entitled response.
  • Call me Button:
    We have added a feature that allows you to request a callback from the HP Priority Support teams to schedule the time of the callback and provide the HP Priority Support agent with some preliminary issue information in order to decrease the time to resolution.
  • Real-Time Chat:
    Yet another method of access to HP's most advanced technical resources is a real-time, live chat functionality powered by HP Front Office. The HP Priority Support agent will also have the capability to push or receive URLs specific to the topic at hand.
  • Online Warranty Check:
    By simply entering your HP product part number and serial number into the Online Warranty Checker on your customized Web site, you will be able to quickly and easily determine if your product is still within its standard warranty period.
  • Online Support Parts I.D. Access:
    Part of your customized Web site will include access to HP's Support Parts Identification online system. This system will supply you with a myriad of parts information and online exploded part and product views.
  • Solutions Education:
    From your customized Web site, you will also have a link to computer-based training classes designed with the professional help desk in mind. These classes are purchased individually on an as-needed basis. In addition, ongoing feedback from the HP Priority Support team will support continuous improvement in issue resolution.

What does HP Advanced Support Access cover?

This service provides telephone and Web support for all HP hardcopy products, both in and out of warranty. Advanced Support Access is a one-year subscription, renewable annually.


This service is available to IT professionals who support HP printing and imaging products. For maximum benefit, Advanced Support Access requires that only enrolled IT support technicians interface with HP support agents and engineers.

Obtaining HP Advanced Support AccessCoverage

The HP Advanced Support Access program is available through your HP hardcopy specialist or, for information on purchasing it from HP directly, contact HP at (800) 752-0900.

Additional Information

For more information about Advanced Support Access, call your HP Product Sales representative or call the HP Customer Care Call Center at:
(800) 752-0900
Product Number H3790A
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