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HP Designjet 5000 Series Printers - UV Media Profiles Supported by Firmware v A.02.12

What UV media profiles are included in Firmware v A.02.12 on the HP Designjet 5000 printers and how do I access them?
UV Media profiles will only appear on the front panel if UV inks are loaded in the printer.
The UV media profiles included in this firmware version are:
  • 3M Changeable Media
  • 10HW_Coated_Economy (Heavyweight Coated paper,
  • Max Productivity mode)
  • 20HW_Coated Paper (for Normal and Max Quality
  • modes)
  • Banner with Tyvek
  • Basic_Super_HWC_Pap
  • Colorfast_Vinyl
  • Colorlucent Bklt
  • Durable Gloss
  • Studio_Canvas
Because the media profile is contained in the firmware and will only be available if UV inks are in the printer, it does not appear on the Web site as a downloadable item or on the front panel until UV inks are loaded.