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HP Designjet 10ps, 20ps and 50ps Printers - Exchange Process Flyer

A flyer with the steps to replace the failed printer is included with every exchange printer. The flyer contains graphical instructions on the steps to follow to return a failed printer and install a new printer with the parts and accessories that must be reused.
Call Centers are requested to advise customers about the flyer when a replacement printer is needed and to provide a verbal explanation about the steps to perform and the meaning of the flyer.
The following is a description of the steps found in this flyer:
  1. The customer has received the new printer. The flyer shows two sections: blue for actions on failed printer, and green for actions on new printer.
  2. Unplug the failed printer.
  3. Open the right door to access the ink supplies. If it's not possible to open the carriage door to remove the printheads, remove the filter.
  4. Remove the ink supplies and set them aside as they will be used with the new printer.
  5. Remove the network card and second tray if any available.
  6. Remove the output tray and main tray. They will be reused with the new printer. The failed printer will be packed with the packaging that comes with the new printer.
  7. Unpack the new printer and keep the packaging for re-packing the failed printer.
  8. Install the network card and the second tray (if it was available in the old printer).
  9. Install the output tray and main tray (from the old printer).
  10. Plug the new printer and turn on.
  11. When the printer requests them, install the ink supplies from the failed printer (first ink cartridges and then printheads).
  12. The new printer will finish the installation process by aligning printheads.
  13. Remember to perform the color calibration. The user must trigger this calibration from the software RIP (Setup, Automatic Color Calibration…), for each media they want to use. If this step is not performed, color quality is not ensured.
  14. Repack the failed printer in the packaging that came with the new printer.


  • Do not return any supplies or trays for repair.
  • Return the cleanout with the failed printer.