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HP Designjet 50ps Printer - PrintManager Job Handling

Accessing Job Handling

The Job Handling settings are managed using the PrintManager. In order to access the PrintManager, use a web browser (Internet Explorer 5 or higher or Netscape Communicator 4.08 or higher) with cookies and JavaScript enabled.
  • From the client computer, type the IP address of the server plus the port 8080: http://Server_IP_address:8080
  • From the server computer, type in the browser’s address field or go to Start, Programs, hp Designjet 50PS, Print Manager
    The PrintManager requires login as Admin, User, or Guest. The Admin and User are allowed to change the Job Handling settings. Guest can only view the current settings.

General information

In the Job Handling panel you can define some general settings for the handling and/or processing of jobs. This section is accessed by clicking Settings, Job Handling. It is divided into two parts:
  • Job Handling for managing the jobs in the system.
  • Job Preferences for controlling the behavior of jobs. For details, refer to Print Settings.

Job Handling

Execute jobs between _____ and _____

This function lets you define a time frame for the actual output of the print jobs on the printer. It can be used, for example, to perform maintenance work on the printer without any interruptions.
Use a 24-hour format for enter times. For example 6:30pm is 18:30 on a 24-hour clock.

Delete completed jobs after ...

Normally, all jobs sent to the RIP are stored on the server after output. You can reopen them in the Stored jobs list and, if you want, reprint them.
If you enter an hour value in the Delete jobs after text box, the jobs are automatically deleted from the spool directory after this given period of time. Enter time values with the format: hh:mm.
Trigger automatic deletion of jobs after a certain period if you find the monitoring of "critical" drives (mainly the drive with spool directory) with the drive monitor is not sufficient.
If this setting is not enabled, print jobs have to be deleted manually.
The time period after which the jobs are to be deleted only applies to those jobs processed after this setting is changed and not to jobs that were fully processed when the change was made. If, for example, the time period is shortened from ten to two hours, all jobs already processed will nevertheless be deleted after 10 hours.

Check fonts

When this option is selected, the software checks whether all fonts used within embedded EPS images and PDF files are installed on the server. If these fonts are not available on the print server or are not integrated in the print job, the respective job is stopped with an alert message.
This method ensures that the actual fonts of the print job are printed.
If the Check fonts option is deactivated, the fonts not available either on the print server or in the print job are replaced by a default font (for example Courier). This might be useful while printing a proof for color reproduction purposes where correct font reproduction is only of minor importance.

Job preferences

Restart of RIP: Hold jobs after restarting the RIP

This setting causes all jobs that have not yet been processed by the RIP to be set to Paused when the RIP is restarted via the Service Control program. You have to manually restart each of these jobs using the Reprint this job command. When this option is disabled, processing of all print jobs contained in the list is continued after the restart of the system.
Note: Print jobs that have already been processed by the RIP but have not yet been completely printed will be canceled by the system when the RIP is restarted and are thus assigned the Aborted state.

Reprint of jobs: Hold jobs before printing

When a job is restarted, this option moves this job from the current job list to the In progress list and sets its status to Paused. You have to manually start the job. This allows you to check the jobs settings before printing the job. With this option disabled, jobs are moved to the In progress list and started immediately.

Reprint of jobs: Keep job settings

When this option is selected, a job is reprinted using the same settings as at the original output. If the option is deactivated, the current system settings are applied to the job (for example, for changes in the virtual printer settings).
The job settings can be edited independently of this option before output.






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