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HP Designjet 50ps Printer - What is a Virtual Printer

What is a Virtual Printer?
A Virtual Printer is like a print queue that contains a set of pre-determined job settings. When a document is printed through a virtual printer, the settings defined for the virtual printer are automatically asigned to the document.
JobStream can be used to override some of these settings from the clients when sending individual jobs, but JobStream cannot override permanently the virtual printer settings.
A different virtual printer should be assigned for each different set of print settings used. Select the appropriate virtual printer for each print job.
The maximum number of Virtual Printers is 32.

Default Virtual Printers

There are two virtual printers created by default when installing the Software RIP:
  • ServerName_PDFExportVP, for remote proofing
  • ServerName_PrintVP, for local printing

Creating a new Virtual Printer

You must be logged into the PrintManager as “Admin” in order to create or delete Virtual Printers.
To create a Virtual Printer, follow these steps:
  1. Log into the PrintManger as “Admin.”
  2. Click Settings, and then Virtual printer
  3. Click New Virtual Printer
  4. Enter the name of the virtual printer
  5. Select the Virtual Printer type. Choose Local in order to use this Virtual Printer for printed output or “remote” to generate PDFs for use with Remote Proofing.
  6. Change the settings of the virtual printer. See the following section for descriptions of these settings.
  7. Click OK.
A name must be entered before editing the other items. Once a name and the type of printer is selected, they can no longer be changed. An error message will appear if you try to change settings before entering a printer name.
Creating new Virtual Printers can take a while because Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows 2000 Server need to generate two items:
  • Generate the printer queue (hot folder)
  • Create the shares of the queue (for MAC and Windows):
When creating the Mac share the server must generate a desktop database for the Mac folder which takes a while.

Define Printer Preferences for the new Virtual Printer

Remember that only the Print Settings and Color Management settings are applied by default.
Check the Page Positioning and Slugline radio buttons for those settings to take effect.
Figure : Setting New Virtual Preferences
Figure : Slugline

Stop a Virtual Printer

Once a Virtual Printer has been created, you can stop its activity by double-clicking in the virtual printer name and selecting the Pause button. No new print jobs will be printed on this virtual printer for the time being. Files placed into this virtual printer's hot folder will not be transferred to the server. The virtual printer can be enabled again at any time by clicking the Start button.
A Virtual Printer that is paused is marked in yellow

Deleting a Virtual Printer

  • Make sure that no jobs are currently output to this virtual printer
  • Access to the virtual printer details (Settings, Virtual Printer and double-click in the virtual printer name)
  • Click Trash Can icon.
    Deleting a Virtual Printer will also delete all the jobs that have been output to this printer and are still in the buffer. There must not be any active or paused jobs belonging to that printer otherwise it will not delete.