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HP Designjet 50ps Printer - Banding or Print Quality Issues

The printer will process data in its memory while receiving new data from the server. Networks with a high workload or network faults can cause the data flow to be temporarily interrupted. Processing stops if the printer has finished processing all the data from its internal memory but has not received any new data from the server. Since the ink starts drying at this point, it cannot blend correctly with new ink as printing continues. This can cause banding to appear on the printout. Perform the following in order to minimize this possibility:
  • Start the HP Designjet 50PS EngineManager utility on the server by selecting Start, Programs, and hp Designjet 50ps EngineManager.
  • Select Parameter tab and then select Use a spool file under Output device parameters.
  • Set option to Yes and save setting.
  • If necessary, set the drive on which the spool file is to be saved under Spool file.
All future jobs will now be buffered in a file before being sent to the printer and will only be transferred to the printer when they are fully processed. This allows processing to be performed without any interruptions. Of course, slightly more time is required for processing if the spool file is used.

Banding on glossy media

Banding on glossy media may occur when printing in grayscale through the HP Designjet software. Use the application to create the grayscale images instead of using the HP Designjet software.
When the printer has been set to grayscale mode, there are 12 additional passes of the printhead over the media. Thus mechanical printing time is longer and banding may occur.