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HP Designjet 10ps and 20ps Printers - How to Install the Adobe Postscript Driver

The Adobe(R) PS driver does not install automatically when installing the RIP software.
Auto install:
  1. Open Windows Explorer (Start menu, Run, Explorer)
  2. Select the drive that the software CD is in.
  3. Select the folder Adobe PS.
  4. Select the English folder.
  5. Select the operating systems (Win 95,98, Me, or NT).
  6. Double-click Setup.exe file.
Manual install:
  1. Go to Start, Settings and Printers.
  2. Select AddPrinter.
  3. Click Next the Initial Install Wizard Window.
  4. Select Local Port.
  5. In the Select Printer Model window, click Have Disk button.
  6. Choose LPT1.
  7. Select Browse button on the next window.
  8. Browse to the CD and locate the following:
    1. For WIN NT/2000): Install\NonCompressed\hp Designjet 10 20\English\OutputDrivers\Hp Designjet 10 20\PNP2000Win NT
    2. For WIN 98/Me: Install\NonCompressed\hp Designjet 10 20\English\OutputDrivers\Hp Designjet 10 20\PNP98
  9. Open oemsetup.inf file. Then click OK on the Install from Disk window.
  10. Choose the appropriate printer driver and click Next.
  11. The Printer Name window will appear. Click Yes or No to make this printer the Default Printer.
  12. If asked, replace the existing driver. But do not share this printer.
  13. Click No to print a test page. Click Next.
  14. Verify that all information is correct.
  15. Click Finish, and restart the computer.
  16. After you are finished, go to Start-Settings-Printers and you should now have a PS driver (hp Designjet 10ps RIP or hp Designjet 20ps RIP). Under Ports make sure that this driver is printing to the Hot Folder [either on the computer (10PS) or on the server (20ps)].
  17. Print a test page from the driver to verify functionality.