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HP Designjet 10ps and 20ps Printers - Cannot Open Port Error Appears When Sending a File from the RIP through a TCP/IP Port

When attempting to send a file through the PostScript(R) RIP to a TCP/IP port, the message "Cannot Open Port" appears.
Follow the steps below to eliminate the error:
  1. Open the RIP window and go to Setup, and then Change Setup.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Choose the model of the printer and click Next.
    The IP Byte information cannot contain any other characters other than the exact IP Byte numbers (for example, commas, periods, quotation marks, etc). Use the TAB key on the keyboard or click in the IP Byte field to enter the appropriate IP Byte information.
  4. Choose TCP/IP.
  5. On the Communication window, input the IP address.
  6. Click OK.
The cause of the issue is the IP Byte address information contains characters other than the actual IP Byte address numbers.