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HP Designjet Multi-Roll Feeder - Configuring Multi-Roll For Optimized Printing (Continuous Unattended Printing)

Configuring Multi-Roll Feeder’s Productivity Mode to Optimized Printing

There are two productivity modes for the Multi-Roll Feeder:
  • Optimized
  • Off
Optimized will maximize being able to do unattended printing and allows the Multi-Roll Feeder to load and unload media rolls of identical type and width when print jobs require more media.
Off allows user to control usage of rolls independently of the media type/width available; identical media types and widths will not be loaded when a roll finishes.
Check the following before continuing:
  1. Ensure Multi-Roll Feeder has 3 rolls of identical media type/widths loaded and configured.
  2. Ensure Roll 1 is loaded into printer and set to the default roll.
  3. Ensure Queuing is turned on.
Setting Multi-Roll Feeder to Optimized Mode
Press the DOWN or UP ARROW KEY to select the Roll menu icon and then press ENTER.
    Figure : Roll Menu
  1. Select Roll Menu Icon
Press the DOWN or UP ARROW KEY until Multi-Roll Feeder is highlighted and then press ENTER.
Figure : Roll Options
The Multi-Roll Feeder menu indicates the current Multi-Roll Feeder mode.
To change the mode, select Mode = XXX option and press ENTER to continue.
If the current Mode is already set to Optimized, no further action is required on the Multi-Roll Feeder.
Figure : Mode
Press the DOWN or UP ARROW KEY to select Optimized mode and press ENTER.
Press TOP key to return to the main screen.
Figure : Select Optimized

Configuring Driver for Optimized (Continuous Unattended) Printing

When using Postscript (R) drivers for a Macintosh or Postscript drivers for Windows 95/98 and 2000, no further action is required. Print files normally and the Multi-roll will automatically operate in optimized mode for unattended printing, provided the printer was previously configured for Optimized printing. Continue with the following steps to configure HP/GL2 and AutoCAD ADI drivers.
When using AutoCAD 13/14 ADI drivers under Windows 95, 98, and NT, select Auto Select for the Paper source.
When using Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 HPGL/2 drivers, select Not selected for the Paper source.
There is NO AutoCAD 13/14 drivers for Windows 2000. AutoCAD 13/14 is not supported under Windows 2000
Figure : Designjet Printing Preferences
Ensure ‘Not selected’ is chosen for the Paper source when intending to print in Optimized mode, otherwise the printer will print onto the corresponding roll that has been selected.
The printer and driver is now configured for Optimized printing.Print files normally and the Multi-roll will operate in optimized mode for continuous unattended printing.