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HP Designjet 10ps and 20ps Printers - Wrong PPD Selected When Installing the Software RIP In Windows

Selecting the right PPD when installing
When installing the Adobe (R) PostScript (R) driver with the Software RIP, it is easy to install the wrong driver. This is done by selecting the Generic PostScript Printer rather than the HP Designjet 10PS/20PS printer’s PPD. By default, only the Generic PostScript Printer driver appears (see Figure 1: Select Printer Model).
To solve this issue, select Browse… Open the Install folder on the software RIP Install CD. Next select the PPD Folder and select the PPD file. This will add the HP Designjet 10PS/20PS to the list of possible printer selections as seen in Figure 1.
Figure : Select Printer Model

What are PPD files?

PostScript printer description (PPD) files describe the fonts, paper sizes, resolution capabilities, and other features that are standard for the PostScript printer. PPD files are used by PostScript printer drivers to determine how to print the document. When not using the correct PPD file, the document may not print correctly, or not all of the printer's features will be available when printing.