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HP Designjet 10ps and 20ps Printers - Centering Feature Does Not Center Correctly in the Software RIP

The print job is not centered to the media when using the Software RIP, but is centered when using the duplexer.
When the Center Layout option in the Software RIP is selected, the HP Designjet 10ps/20ps Software RIP centers the image with reference to the printable area, not the media size. The top and bottom margins are not symmetrical (i.e., 3mm top-12mm bottom in non-duplex mode).
If printing to both sides (using two-sided media and a duplexer), the job will be centered because the margins are symmetrical (12 mm on top and bottom).
Selecting the Center Layout option in the RIP
When a print job is on hold, select Setup and Job Properties to get the Center layout option in the RIP software.
SOLUTION: The recommended solution in this case is to customize the margins from the application in order to have the job centered (applying symmetrical margins, minimum 12 mm top, 12 mm bottom).
The Layout Preview in JobProperties will incorrectly show the job to be centered when the job is centered by selecting two-sided printing. However, the firmware will detect that the duplexer is not installed and will apply the normal media margins, taking 3 mm from the top. The system will put 3 mm top and 21 mm bottom.