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HP Designjet 5000 Series Printers - Green Tint on Grayscale Images

Prints appear to have a green tint. While this issue has been seen in all colors, it is most prevalent in grayscale images. The issue may be due to the line sensor operating out of specifications.
To confirm the line sensor is causing the issue, troubleshoot as follows:
If using the PS3 driver in Windows 2000 set Color Management to Standard emulation and HP CMYK Emulation to SWOP.
  1. Print an example known to exhibit the issue.
  2. Disable the color calibration from the front panel:
    1. Using the Arrow keys on the front panel, scroll to the Printer Setup Options menu (printer icon located on top right of the printer display) and press ENTER.
    2. Scroll to Internal RIP Settings and press ENTER.
    3. Scroll to Color calibration and press ENTER.
    4. Choose Yes and press ENTER (turning the Color calibration on).
  3. Print the same example as in step 1.
  4. Compare the two examples. If the second print (with the color calibration set to OFF) looks better than the first, contact HP support as the line sensor needs to be replaced to resolve this issue. If both examples display the exact same problem continue with step 5.
    If the line sensor has been confirmed as the cause of the green tint issue, leave the color calibration set to OFF as a temporary workaround until the line sensor can be replaced.
  5. Troubleshoot the file and/or the software application:
    • Ensure the grayscale in the file is made up of a relatively good balance of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) or RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
    • If necessary alter the file to balance the composite grayscale values, or create a test file that has a balance of CMYK or RGB
    • Try changing the media profile (choose another media type when loading media)
    • Ensure supported HP media is being used
  6. If the problem persists, contact HP support.
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