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HP Designjet 5000 Series Printers - Installing the Media Guide Foams Kit

How to install the media guide foams kit that is shipped with the printer in the preventive maintenance kit.
The foam pieces must be inserted into the small slots of the center platen as shown in Figure 1.
There is a small percentage of printers that do not have these slots in the center platen.
Figure : Location of slots in center platen
The 42 inch printer will have 4 foam pieces and the 60 inch printer will have 6 foam pieces as shown in Figure 2.
Figure : Foam pieces
The foam piece must be positioned so a space remains in the center platen, as shown in Figure 3.
Figure : Green check mark illustrates correct positioning
The user replaceable media guide foams kit part number C6090-60263 was created to reduce the level of aerosol and decrease the cleaning frequency of the printer.