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HP Designjet 750C and 755CM Printers - Software Control of Halftone-Scatter or Pattern

The software driver being used with an HP DesignJet 750C/755CM printer does not allow dithering control, nor is there a front-panel setting that allows any control.
The printer default is scatter dithering, but this can be changed by entering an escape sequence directly into the plot file allowing a switch to pattern dithering. The sequence is <Esc>*t3J, and should be inserted into the plot file after any references to PJL commands and either the BP or IN commands.
The <ESC> character depends upon the software package or text editor that is being used to insert the command into the plot file. It represents ASCII character number 27. This varies between different programs. For example: If the file was being edited in DOS EDIT, ctrl-p, ESC, would be typed where you see <ESC>. This means you would press ‘P’ while holding down ‘CTRL’, followed by pressing the ESC key all by itself. This would put a little arrow pointing to the left on your screen. In the UNIX editor called VI the <ESC> character is ctrl-v, ESC.