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HP Inkjet Print Cartridge - HP 49 Inkjet Print Cartridge Specifications

Product name and part number

Product name
Part number
HP 51649A tri-color inkjet print cartridge
HP 49

HP Inkjet printers and Inkjet print cartridge compatibility

HP Deskwriter
HP Deskjet
HP Printer/Scanner/Copier
HP Officejet
Deskwriter 694C
Deskjet 350c, 610c, 612c, 630c, 640c, 648c, 690c series
PSC 300 series
Officejet 700 series

Ink volume and page count

The actual print cartridge life depends on the printer used and may vary from print cartridge to print cartridge. Use the table below as a guideline to determine how many pages the print cartridge will print.
HP cartridge
Ink volume
Page count
HP 49
22.8 ml
313 pages at 15% density

Maintenance of the print cartridge

On HP Deskjet printers, opening the access door of the printer automatically moves the the print-carriage to the center of the mechanism for easy access.
The printer automatically performs priming, cleaning, and capping the print cartridge to maintain optimum print quality. These operations are not visible to the user.
Proper use and handling will provide optimum print quality and print cartridge life. To keep the print cartridges in good working order, print with the print cartridge once a month to keep the nozzles clear, and observe the following table:
Do not
Keep print cartridges sealed in the original packaging until ready to use. Ink can evaporate through the nozzles and through the plastic print cartridge body, reducing print cartridge life. Print cartridges have a longer life when sealed in the packaging.
After opening a print cartridge, store it in the printer in the "home position" to help prevent ink from drying out in the nozzles. This will minimize the risk of contamination with airborne dust particles.
Press the POWER button to turn off the printer rather than unplugging the printer.
Do not unplug the printer without turning off the power button. Pressing the POWER button caps the print cartridge in the service station, preventing ink from drying in the print cartridge nozzles.
Store print cartridges at room temperature.
Do not install a print cartridge that has crusted dried ink around the nozzles. Use water to dampen a clean lint-free cloth and gently remove the dried ink. Then, use a clean portion of the damp cloth to wipe the nozzle plate, and gently remove the last of the dried ink. Then, install the print cartridge, and print. If the print cartridge is removed from the printer, do not re-tape the print cartridge.
Store unopened print cartridges in an upright position.
Do not store an unopened print cartridge on its side for long periods of time.

Recommended storage conditions

Operational temperature
Room temperature (no extreme temperatures)
Min = -15 degrees celsius
Max = 35 degrees celsius
Min = -40 degrees celsius
Max = 60 degrees celsius

Altitude restrictions (all cartridges)

The HP 49 Inkjet print cartridge are not designed to be transported in the printer at high altitudes, such as on an airplane.
The HP 51633M and C6628A Inkjet print cartridges are the only print cartridges designed to be transported in a printer. See the document titled, "Printer/Cartridge compatibility tables," for a listing of the printers that can use the HP 51633M and C6628A print cartridge.

Installation dates

Be sure to use the HP Inkjet print cartridge by the install by date on the ink cartridge package.


HP Inkjet print cartridges are backed by HP's limited warranty. If the product is defective, contact HP or an HP retailer before the end of the warranty date. All HP Inkjet print cartridges and kits are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship until the end of warranty date.
The end of warranty date is found in YYYY/MM/DD format on the print cartridge (see Figure 1 below).
Figure : Locating the "End of Warranty" date
For complete warranty information, refer to the document titled HP Ink Cartridges – Limited Warranty for HP Cartridges.

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