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    Виправте та вирішіть проблему з оновленням Windows 10 на комп'ютері або принтері HP. Натисніть тут


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HP Printers - Windows 10 Compatible Printers

This document is for HP printers and the Windows 10 operating system.
Confirm that your HP printer is supported on a computer or tablet with the Windows 10 operating system, and then find out how to install the best available print driver and software.
See the following sections to check printer support and available drivers. To quickly locate your printer model, click or scroll to the section for your printer model, and then hold down the CTRL and F keys. In the search box that displays, type the printer model number (example: 8612) and press Enter to find your printer.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Review these frequently asked questions on HP printers and Windows 10 support.

What Windows 10 driver types are available?

Depending on your printer, a range of drivers might be available either from the HP website or through Windows. If your printer came with an installation CD, confirm that it supports Windows 10 before using it to install your printer.

Driver downloads on the HP website

  • Full feature driver download (recommended)
    HP provides full feature print drivers for many printers. These drivers provide full product functionality, plus valuable software to help you get the most out of your printer.
  • Basic driver download
    The basic driver is smaller than the full driver and downloads quickly. It provides basic printing functions. However, for multifunction printers, it does not provide the software needed by most users to copy and fax from the computer and to use all the scanning features.
  • HP Enterprise driver
    Enterprise solutions are a subset of the full installation provided to corporate customers. The webpacks contain the installer, the print driver, and a scan driver, depending on the printer.
  • HP Host-based Plug and Play (PnP) driver download
    This driver lets you easily install and remove printer software by automatically determining which drivers support each device. The PnP software recognizes the hardware during initial system installation, recognizes PnP hardware changes that occur between system boots, and responds to run-time hardware events such as docking or undocking and device insertion or removal.
  • Universal Print Driver download
    HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) is an intelligent print driver that supports a broad range of HP LaserJet and multifunction printers. This advanced print driver can discover HP printing devices and automatically configure itself to the capabilities of the device (e.g., duplex, color, finishing, etc.). HP Designjet Universal print drivers can be found on the HP Designjet Universal Print Driver page.
  • PCL 6 driver download
    Developed by Hewlett-Packard as a printer protocol, Printer Command Language (PCL) has become a de facto industry standard. PCL 6 Enhanced features a new modular architecture that can be easily modified for future HP printer and includes faster return to application, faster printing of complex graphics, more efficient data streams for reduced network traffic, better WYSIWYG printing, improved print quality, and complete backward compatibility.

Drivers available through Windows 10

  • Windows Update driver
    Some printers have drivers installed through Microsoft Windows Update. If Windows Update is enabled on your Internet-connected computer, it activates automatically when you connect a USB or network printer to the computer. It searches online for the most recent print driver on the Windows Update site. If the online driver is more functional than your current driver, the computer downloads and installs this driver.
  • Windows in-Operating System (in-OS) driver
    An in-Operating System (in-OS) driver is a basic driver that is included within the operating system. You do not need to download or install any software from HP. If an in-OS driver is available for your printer, you have at least basic print capability with USB and network connections.

How do I install drivers from the HP website?

Go to the HP Customer Support page to download and install your recommended or preferred print driver. Depending on your printer, full feature, Basic, Universal, or Plug and Play drivers might be available to download.
As an alternative method to downloading the software, you can use the installation CD if it includes the Windows 10 driver.
  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer, if necessary. The software installation prompts you to connect the cable if needed.
  3. If a Let's identify your product to get started page displays, click Printer, type your printer model number, and then click Submit.
  4. If you need to change the operating system, click Change, select your version, and then click Change.
  5. Under the Driver heading, click Download for the full software package, or click Basic Drivers for other driver options.

How do I install the Windows in-OS and Update drivers?

Go to HP Printers - Installing and Using the Windows Built-in Print Driver for steps on how to install the Windows driver for your printer, and to troubleshoot any installation issues.

What if I can't find a Windows 10 driver?

If a driver is not available from HP, you might be able to print from USB using the Add Hardware feature in Windows 10.

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