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    Виправте та вирішіть проблему з оновленням Windows 10 на комп'ютері або принтері HP. Натисніть тут

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MyHPSupport Help

MyHPSupport is a tool for business users to submit and track support cases. Individuals seeking support for products used in the home should Contact HP for assistance.
HP has replaced HP Passport with a new sign-in experience. It has a different look and feel, but there is generally no change to the sign-in. Please review the information below or go to the FAQ or user guides for more information about registering a new HP sign-in account.
  • If you had an HP Passport account in the past, there is no need to create a new HP sign-in account. Your HP Passport user name and password have been automatically migrated and work with the new sign-in experience.
  • HP Passport allowed users to create and use a custom user name and password when logging in. HP sign-in only uses email addresses and a password. If you cannot log in using your user name, try your email address instead.
  • You might still see the old HP Passport sign-in experience in various places on the HP website for a short period of time. Any registrations in the new sign-in experience are not backward compatible with HP Passport.
  • Security questions are no longer used to reset your password or retrieve your user name. A verification code method is now used instead.

User Guide and videos for MyHPSupport

Use the MyHPSupport Individual User Guide or MyHPSupport Company User Guide for more information about MyHPSupport features and tasks, or view one of the following videos.

Having issues with MyHPSupport?

If you are having issues with the MyHPSupport registration process, your registration email invite or the sign-in process, please review the FAQ for helpful tips.

Still need help?

If you are unable to resolve your issue using our online resources, contact the MyHPSupport help team for your locale.

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