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HP Photosmart 6520 Printers - Description of the Control Panel

This document is for HP Photosmart 6520, 6521, and 6525 e-All-in-One and HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 6525 e-All-in-One printers.
The touch screen display shows menus, photos, apps, and messages. You can touch and drag your finger horizontally to scroll through photos, apps, and menus, and you can touch and drag your finger vertically through menu options.
    Figure : Graphic - The control panel of the printer
  1. 1 Home: Returns to the Home screen, the screen that is displayed when you first turn on the printer.
  2. 2 Back: Returns to the previous screen.
  3. 3 Help: On the Home screen, shows all Help topics. On another screen, shows information or animation on the display to assist in the current operation.
  4. 4 Cancel: Stops the current operation.
  5. 5 Photo: Opens the Photo menu where you can view and print various photos, reprint a printed photo, or upload and share your photo to Snapfish.
  6. 6 Copy: Opens the Copy menu where you can make 1–sided or 2–sided black or color copy.
  7. 7 Scan: Opens the Scan menu where you can select a destination for your scan.
  8. 8 ePrint icon: Opens the Web Services Summary menu, where you can check ePrint status details, change ePrint settings, or print an Info page.
  9. 9 Wireless icon: Opens the Wireless Summary menu, where you can check wireless status and change wireless settings. You can also print a wireless test report, helping diagnose network connection issues.
  10. 10 eco icon: Opens the eco menu where you can set up screen brightness, 2–sided copy, the Sleep mode, and auto Power-off to help energy saving.
  11. 11 Ink icon: Shows estimated ink levels by cartridge. Displays a warning symbol if the ink level is less than the minimum expected ink level.
  12. 12 Settings icon: Opens the Settings menu where you can change preferences and use tools to perform maintenance functions.
  13. 13 Get More: If Web Services are enabled, takes you to the Internet for downloading more Apps.
  14. 14 Apps: Provides a quick and easy way to access and print information from the web, such as coupons, coloring pages, puzzles, and more.
Control panel features