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HP PCs - Backing Up Your Files (Windows 10, 8)

This document is for HP computers with Windows 10 or Windows 8.
Backing up important software and data to an external drive, online resource, or an external location is recommended. This provides an added layer of data protection, allowing for an easier recovery time if needed.
For business computers, check with your company IT department or your local IT service for other backup solutions.

Back up folders online

Backing up your folders in the cloud synchronizes your data across multiple devices and recovers your data faster in case of loss.
Windows 10 includes OneDrive which provides free storage space up to 5 GB of files without a subscription. You need a Microsoft Account to set up OneDrive on your computer.
Other cloud storage solutions, such as Dropbox, are available to back up your data online.

Back up files in File History

File History automatically backs up files that are on your desktop and in your libraries, contacts list, and favorites. If the originals are lost, corrupted, or deleted, you can restore any or all of your files. You can also find previous versions of your files from specific dates.
You can back up your files to an external drive such as a USB memory stick or portable hard drive. Choose your operating system below for steps to back up your files to an external drive.

Restore saved files with File History

With File History, you can restore one file or all the files you have backed up. You can also find different versions of your files from specific dates.
  1. Connect your external drive to the computer. If an AutoPlay window opens, close it.
  2. In Windows, search for and open Restore your files with File History.
  3. Click the Previous and Next icons to select the backup point you want to restore.
    Previous and Next icons in the File History window
  4. Select the files or folders to restore.
    • To select one folder: Click the folder.
    • To select some of the folders: Hold the ctrl key while selecting the folders.
    • To select all the folders: Right-click an empty area of the app window, and then click Select all.
    • To select one or more files within a folder: Double-click the folder, and then select the desired files.
    Selecting all files
  5. Click the Restore icon.
    Windows restores the files.

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