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    Исправьте возникающие после обновления  Windows ошибки службы диспетчера очереди печати, которые могут  вызывать сбои заданий печати. Нажмите сюда

    Обновление Windows 10 - неисправности

    Устранение проблем с ПК или принтером HP после обновлений Windows 10 – кликните сюда

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows XP)

This document explains how to reset the computer software to its original state. This document is divided into sections based on the different ways of performing a full system recovery. Use the section that best fits your needs. Please read ALL of the statements before attempting a recovery!
Performing a Destructive Recovery will format the hard drive. This will delete all the information on the hard drive and reinstall Windows XP and the original software that came with the computer.
Performing a System Recovery replaces system files and original software with the files that originally came with the computer. This process might move or remove certain files, like those stored in My Documents. Before performing a System Recovery backup important files and the files stored in the My Documents folder.
In either case, be prepared to reinstall software that was not originally included with the computer. You will also need to reconfigure an Internet Connection and obtain all critical Windows Updates, Virus definition updates, and anti-spyware updates.
If the computer has a Personal Media Drive attached, remove the drive before performing the recovery or all information stored on the Personal Media drive may be lost.
If extra hard drives have been added to the computer, disconnect the IDE and power cable from the back of the extra drive before performing a system recovery or all information stored on the drive may be lost.
HP computers that ship with Microsoft Windows XP do not come with recovery CDs. Instead, they use a hidden space (partition) on the hard drive to store the recovery information. The use of a separate partition provides a convenient process that eliminates the use of recovery discs that may be lost or scratched. A system recovery from the hard drive may not be possible in some circumstances. Your computer may contain Recovery Disc Creation software. Recovery discs for Windows XP are available from HP for a minimal cost. See Obtaining Recovery Discs for ordering information.

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