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HP Officejet 5600 Series All-in-One - Replacing the Ink Cartridges


Follow the instructions below to replace the ink cartridges.
Purchase replacement cartridges and other supplies from the HP Store or local retailers.
This document applies to the following products:
  • 5605
  • 5608
  • 5610, 5610v, 5610xi

Replace the cartridges

This video is provided as a supplement to the instructions in this document. For best quality on dial-up connections, wait until the video has fully loaded before viewing.

Step one: Remove the cartridges

  1. Make sure the HP All-in-One is on. Press the On button to turn on the HP All-in-One. The On button is lit when the HP All-in-Oneis on.
      描述 : Press the On button to turn the product on
    1. On button
    If the HP All-in-One is off when you open the print-carriageaccess door to access the print cartridges, the HP All-in-One will notrelease the cartridges for changing. You might damage the HP All-in-Oneif the print cartridges are not docked safely on the right side when you tryto remove them.
  2. Open the print-carriage access door by pulling it forward.The print carriage moves to the far right side of the HP All-in-One.
    描述 : Open the access door
  3. Wait until the print carriage is idle and silent, and then lightly press down on aprint cartridge to release it.
    描述 : The print carriage
    • If you are replacing the tri-color print cartridge, remove the print cartridge from theslot on the left.
    • If you are replacing the black or photo print cartridge, remove the print cartridgefrom the slot on the right.
      描述 : The print cartridges in the proper position
    1. Print cartridge slot for the tri-color print cartridge
    2. Print cartridge slot for the black and photo print cartridges
  4. Pull the print cartridge toward you out of its slot.

Step two: Install the new print cartridge

  1. Remove the new print cartridge from its packaging and, being careful to touchonly the black plastic, gently remove the plastic tape by using the pink pull tab.
      描述 : Remove the tape
    1. Copper-colored contacts
    2. Plastic tape with pink pull tab (must be removed before installing)
    3. Ink nozzles under tape
    Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or ink nozzles.Touching these parts can result in clogs, ink failure, and bad electricalconnections.
  2. Slide the new print cartridge forward into the empty slot. Then gently push on theupper part of the print cartridge forward until it clicks into the socket.
    • If you are installing the tri-color print cartridge, slide it into the left slot.
    • If you are installing a black or photo print cartridge, slide it into the right slot.
    描述 : Insert the print cartridge
  3. Close the print-carriage access door.
    描述 : Close the access door

Step three: Align the print cartridges

The HP All-in-One prompts you to align cartridges every time you install or replace aprint cartridge. Use the following steps to align the print cartridges from the control panel.
  1. Make sure you have letter or A4 unused plain white paper loaded in the inputtray, and then press OK.
  2. The HP All-in-One prints a print cartridge alignment sheet.
    If you have colored paper loaded in the input tray when you alignthe print cartridges, the alignment will fail. Load unused plain white paperinto the input tray, and then try the alignment again.
  3. Lift the lid. Place the top of the alignment page facedown in the left front corner of the scanner glass. Closethe lid.
    描述 : Load the alignment sheet on the glass
  4. Press OK to begin the alignment.
  5. The HP All-in-One aligns the print cartridges. Recycle or discard the printcartridge alignment sheet.






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