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HP Photosmart D7200 and D7400 Series Printer - Installing Ink Cartridges


This document explains how to install new ink cartridges or replace empty ink cartridges.

Installing ink cartridges

Step one: Install the ink cartridges

Follow the steps below to insert or replace the ink cartridges.
  1. Make sure the power is on. Open the ink cartridge door by lifting from the front center of the device, until the doorlocks into place.
    Şekil : Top cover open
  2. Squeeze the gray tab below an ink cartridge slot to release the gray latch inside the printer, then lift the latch. The ink cartridge areas are color-coded for easy reference.
    Lift the latch below the appropriate color to insert or replace a cartridge. From left to right, the ink cartridges are black, yellow, light cyan, cyan, light magenta, and magenta.
    Şekil : Ink cartridge slots
    1 - Ink cartridge latch for the black ink cartridge
    2 - Ink cartridge area for the color ink cartridges
  3. If you are replacing a cartridge, remove the old cartridge by pulling it toward you out of its slot.
    Şekil : Ink cartridge removal
  4. Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging, and while holding it by the handle, slide the ink cartridge into the empty slot. Match the color and pattern of the ink cartridge to the color and pattern on the printcarriage. The copper-colored contacts should be facing the printer as the ink cartridge is inserted.
    The first time you set up and use your HP Photosmart, make sure to install the ink cartridges that were shipped with the device. The ink in thesecartridges is specially formulated to mix with the ink in the print head assembly.
  5. Press down on the gray latch until it clicks into place.
    Şekil : Ink cartridge latch closed
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each ink cartridge you are installing. You must install all six cartridges. The printer will not work if an ink cartridge is missing.
  7. Close the ink carriage top cover.

Step two: Align ink cartridges

The HP Photosmart automatically aligns the print head when you install the ink cartridgesduring the initial setup. The HP Photosmart also aligns the print head during periodicmaintenance to ensure excellent print quality.
To align the printer from the control panel
  1. Load letter, A4, or legal unused plain white paper into the input tray.
  2. Touch the Setup icon on the display.
  3. Touch Tools.
  4. Touch Align Printer.
  5. The HP Photosmart prints a test page, aligns the print head, and calibrates the printer. A success or failure message appears.
To align the printer from the HP Photosmart Software
  1. Load letter, A4, or legal unused plain white paper into the input tray.
  2. In the HP Solution Center, click Settings, and then clickPrinter Toolbox. The Printer Toolbox appears.
    You can also open the Printer Toolbox from the Print Properties dialogbox. In the Print Properties dialog box, click the Features tab and then the Printer Services button.
  3. Click the Features tab and then click the Printer Services button.
  4. Click Align the Printer.The HP Photosmart prints a test page, aligns the print head, and calibrates the printer.Recycle or discard the page.






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