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HP Inkjet Printers - Printing Water-Resistant Photos

This document is for all HP inkjet printers.
All HP inkjet printers can print water-resistant photos with HP Advanced Photo Paper and genuine HP ink.
‘Water-resistant’ means that if a print is exposed to water, it should not be damaged, as long as it is carefully dried in a timely manner.
HP Premium and Premium Plus Photo Paper does not provide water-resistant prints. HP Advanced Photo Paper must be used for water-resistant prints. HP Digital Fine Art media can also produce water-resistant photos with some HP printers. Check the paper packaging for details.

Printing a water-resistant photo

To print a water-resistant photo, use genuine HP ink, and load HP Advanced Photo Paper.
  1. Make sure your printer is using original HP ink.
  2. Load HP Advanced Photo Paper into the printer.
  3. When printing, open Printing Properties or Preferences from the software you are printing from.
  4. Select HP Advanced Photo Paper or Photo Paper as the paper type. Otherwise, select Automatic if photo paper is not an available option.
    Do not print in Plain Paper print mode.
  5. Print your photo.

Protecting your photos

Water-resistance technology from HP creates pictures that offer outstanding durability. However, water resistance does not mean waterproof. To protect photographs from water damage, store photos in albums or in frames, and avoid situations that expose them to any moisture.
If photos are accidentally exposed to water:
  • Act quickly; do not let water stand on photos.
  • Using a soft cotton cloth, carefully blot the water. Do not wipe, as this can scratch the surface or remove the coating on some photo papers.
  • Let the photos dry thoroughly before storing.