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HP Displays and Monitors - Using HP Display Center

This document will help you use HP Display Center to configure the display settings.

Downloading and installing HP Display Center

To download the software:
  1. Click Start, and then click Microsoft Store.
  2. Search for HP Display Center, and then download the app.

Using the software

In the left-side pane, select the monitor you want to configure, and then use the DISPLAY, COLOR, INPUT, VIEW, and ADVANCED tabs to change the settings.
The available settings might vary, depending on the capabilities of your monitor.
HP Display Center cannot be used to configure a monitor that is connected to a monitor connected to your computer through a docking station. To configure a monitor, connect the monitor to your computer, to a docking station connected to your computer, or to a monitor that is connected directly to your computer.
HP Display Center is not compatible with HP DreamColor displays or with All-in-One computers or other integrated displays.
For more information about the settings, hover your cursor over the tooltip icon.
To restore default settings, select Reset to default.

Display tab

On the DISPLAY tab, you can adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, and Black Stretch settings.
Reducing the Brightness setting might decrease your monitor power consumption. HP Display Center provides a power consumption estimate.

Color tab

On the COLOR tab, you can configure the Color and Custom RGB settings.

Input tab

On the INPUT tab, you can configure the Input Source, Resolution, and Speaker settings.

View tab

On the VIEW tab, you can configure the Pivot and Desktop Partition settings.
Under Pivot, you can rotate your display the selected number of degrees. You can select the Auto Rotate checkbox to automatically match the orientation of your monitor when you rotate it.
Under Desktop Partition, you can either select a layout or create a custom layout.
To create a custom layout:
  1. Click the plus sign (+).
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to create vertical and horizontal lines.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for common layouts to move apps to a partition.

Advanced tab

On the ADVANCED tab, you can change the Theft Deterrence, OSD Controls, Batch Controls, Firmware Update, and Power Savings settings.
The Firmware Update setting is available only if you are configuring a monitor that supports firmware updates.

Changing the brightness with keyboard shortcuts

To increase the display brightness, press the Ctrl and Up arrow keys. To decrease brightness, press the Ctrl and Down arrow keys.
To change or restore the default keyboard shortcuts, use these steps:
  1. In the left-side pane, click Settings.
  2. In the To increase box, type a keyboard shortcut to increase the brightness setting, or click Reset to restore the default shortcut.
  3. In the To decrease box, type a keyboard shortcut to decrease the brightness setting, or click Reset to restore the default shortcut.
  4. Click Save.

Importing and exporting settings

You can import or export files containing display settings.

Importing settings

Use the following procedure to import a CSV file. You might want to import settings to save a backup of your settings, to set up the same display on another computer, or to copy the settings from one display to another for a dual-monitor setup.
  1. Select Import.
  2. Select the CSV file, and then select Open.

Exporting settings

To export your display settings:
  1. Configure your display.
  2. Select Export.
  3. Select the folder to save the CSV file to, and then select OK.
You can use HP Display Center to import the display settings file to another computer or to another display connected to the same computer.

Supported HP monitors

  • HP U28 4K HDR Monitor
  • HP M22f FHD Monitor
  • HP M24f FHD Monitor
  • HP M24fw FHD Monitor
  • HP M24fwa FHD Monitor
  • HP M27f FHD Monitor
  • HP M27fd FHD Monitor
  • HP M27fq QHD Monitor
  • HP M27fw FHD Monitor
  • HP M27fwa FHD Monitor
  • HP M32f FHD Monitor
  • HP M34d WQHD Curved Monitors






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