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Final HP Z Workstation Series February 2019 Refresh (Windows 10) - PSG

Release date : 03-Apr-2019

Last updated : 03-Apr-2019

Effective April 1, 2019, HP is changing the software and BIOS configuration on HP Z workstations that come with Windows 10. The new software addition and updates are being made available for download from HP’s support Web site for owners of existing Z2 G4, Z4 G4, Z6 G4, and Z8 G4 series workstations.
HP Z2 G4 series workstations BIOS 01.04.07 has the following enhancements added:
  • Fixes an issue where AMT SOL boot from CDROM would fail.
  • Fixes an issue which could result in excessive boot times with certain USB devices.
  • Fixes an issue where the HDD boot order could change when additional HDDs are installed in RAID mode.
  • Fixes an issue where two different model SATA ODDs would display the same Device ID in the F9 Boot Menu when in All UEFI and RAID mode.
  • Fixes an issue where SD Media Card Reader would be disabled and hidden in BIOS menus.
  • Fixes an issue where USB device re-enumeration would occur after resuming from S3 with USB 3.1 device installed on FIO Type C port.
  • Includes enhancements to mitigate security vulnerabilities CVE-2018-12201, CVE-2018-12202, CVE-2018-12203, CVE-2018-12204, and CVE-2018-12205. HP strongly recommends promptly transitioning to this updated BIOS version.
  • Updates Intel Microcode to M02906EB_000000A4.
  • Updates Intel RAID Option ROM/Driver to v16.5.0.3492.
  • Adds Speed Selection on Mixed DIMM Per Channel setting to improve operation of mixed DIMMs installed on the same channel.
HP Z6 G4 and Z8 G4 series workstations BIOS 2.17 has the following enhancements added:
  • Adds support for Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Family Second Generation.
  • Updates Intel Xeon SP First Generation CPU Microcode to 0x57.
  • Adds Second Generation CPU Microcode 0x17.
  • Updates Intel Reference Code to v571D03.
  • Updates Intel TXT BIOS ACM to v1.7.1.
  • Updates Intel TXT SINIT ACM to v1.7.1.
  • Updates Super I/O Firmware to v6.3.9.
  • Updates UEFI-based Hardware Diagnostics to v1.25.
  • Adds SD Card Boot setup option.
  • Adds Device Ignore List setup option to ignore problematic devices during enumeration.
  • Adds Intel Speed Select setup option for processors that support this feature.
  • Adds WMI setting to Prompt for Admin password on Capsule Update.
  • Adds ACS enablement for built-in PCIe switch on certain AMD graphics cards.
  • Adds BIOS Event Log which stores POST errors, BIOS management events, disk EOL events, anti-theft events, and SMC events in non-volatile storage.
  • Adds ability to confirm presence of Setup and Power-On passwords using Hp-repset and WMI.
  • Adds support for Linux BIOS tools Version 3.
  • Fixes an issue where system could become unbootable.
  • Fixes an issue where certain processors would hang during boot with Legacy enabled and Hyperthreading disabled.
  • Fixes an issue where system would not boot with LSI 2308 SAS card.
  • Fixes issue where system would experience unexpected ME-triggered Global Reset user prompts during POST.
  • Fixes an issue where system would experience unexpected 3.2 blink code with certain system configurations.

Windows 10 Updated Components
  • Aquantia NIC Driver version 2.1.16 or later (HP Z2 G4 series workstations only)
  • HP Performance Advisor version 2.1.3730.0 or later
  • Intel Chipset Driver version 10.1.17809.8096 or later (HP Z4 G4 series workstations only)
  • Intel Network Driver package R23.5_517476 or later
  • Intel Windows Graphics Driver version or later (HP Z2 G4 series workstations only)
  • NVIDIA Quadro Graphics Driver version or later
  • Aquantia NIC: Various bug fixes and enhancements.
  • HP Performance Advisor: Multiple fixes to UI issues with the Block Diagram.
  • Intel Chipset: Various bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Intel Network: Adds support for new versions of Windows 10.
  • Intel Windows Graphics: Adds security enhancements.
  • NVIDIA Quadro Graphics: Resolves a stability issue involving systems with over 1.5TB of system memory.
Various quality of life fixes and improvements to functionality for all platforms.
Components affected:
Affected operating systems
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations 64-bit


Effective date : 01-Apr-2019

Hardware platforms affected : HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation, HP Z2 Small Form Factor G4 Workstation, HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation, HP Z4 G4 Workstation, HP Z6 G4 Workstation, HP Z8 G4 Workstation

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