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HP PageWide Pro 750, MFP 772, 777 - Scan to a computer

Before scanning to a computer, make sure you have already installed the HP recommended printer software. The printer and computer must be connected and turned on.
In addition, on Windows computers, the printer software must be running before you scan.
You can use the HP printer software to scan documents into editable text. For more information, see Scan documents as editable text.

To set up scan to computer

The scan to a computer feature is enabled by default from the factory. Follow these instructions if the feature has been disabled, and you want to enable it again.
For security purposes, scanning remotely is disabled by default. To enable this feature, in the Embedded Web Server, open the Settings tab, click Administrator Settings, select the Enable checkbox beside Scan from a Computer or Mobile Device, and then click Apply.
When this feature is enabled, anyone with access to the printer can scan whatever is on the scanner glass.

Set up scanning to a computer (Windows)

  1. Open the HP Printer Assistant. For more information, see Open the HP Printer Assistant.
  2. Go to the Scan section.
  3. Select Manage Scan to Computer.
  4. Click Enable.

Set up scanning to a computer (OS X)

  1. Open HP Utility. For more information, see Open HP Utility.
  2. Select Scan to Computer.
  3. Select Enable Scan to Computer.

To scan to a computer from the control panel

  1. Load your original print-side down on the scanner glass or print-side up in the automatic document feeder.
    For more information, see Load the scanner or Load the document feeder.
  2. On the control panel, touch the Scan icon.
  3. In the display, touch the Computer icon.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • On a 203-mm (8-in)control panel: After selecting the computer you want to scan to, touch Scan Shortcut, select a scan option, and then touch the Send icon.
    • On a 109-mm (4.3-in)control panel: After selecting the computer you want to scan to and the scan type, touch the Start Scan in the dialog box that appears.