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HP PCs - HP OMEN Gaming Hub

This document is for HP computers with Windows 10 and HP OMEN Gaming Hub installed.
You can use OMEN Gaming Hub to optimize performance and customize OMEN laptops, desktops, and accessories. Different features are available depending on your system. Although OMEN Gaming Hub is available for download on all Windows 10 computers, the specific features available depend on the HP OMEN computer or accessory associated to the profile.
OMEN Gaming Hub replaces OMEN Command Center.

Features of the OMEN Gaming Hub

The OMEN Gaming Hub offers the following tools to monitor and improve system performance:
  • System Vitals: View utilization percentages for the graphics processing unit (GPU), central processing unit (CPU), network speeds, and memory.
  • Overclocking: Monitor and adjust system performance.
  • Network Booster: View current network bandwidth available and the current optimization mode.
  • Lighting: Customize your keyboard and exterior lighting.
  • Performance Mode: Select a custom mode to optimize performance.
  • Update Management: View new features and recommended updates
  • Undervolting: Reduce power to the CPU, enabling the computer to run cooler.
OMEN Gaming Hub offers the following features to monitor and improve gameplay:
  • Rewards: Sign up for challenges and win prizes.
  • Coaching: View performance feedback to enhance your gameplay.
  • My Games: Manage and access your game library from one location.
  • Game Stream: Use your OMEN PC to host gameplay.
Install the latest version of OMEN Gaming Hub from the Microsoft Store. Older versions of OMEN Gaming Hub feature different navigation and require HP Support Assistant to be installed.
Earlier OMEN PCs require a BIOS update before they will support all features in the Microsoft Store app. If needed, you can reinstall the Win32-based application from the software and driver downloads page for your computer model.

OMEN Gaming Hub features

Updating OMEN Gaming Hub from the Microsoft Store

Update OMEN Gaming Hub by downloading the app from the Microsoft Store.
  1. Click the Microsoft Store icon on the task bar.
  2. Search for OMEN Gaming Hub.
  3. Click Update.
    Wait while the program downloads and installs.
  4. Click Play.
    OMEN Gaming Hub opens.

Home screen

The OMEN Gaming Hub home screen displays features available on your computer.
Available features vary based upon OMEN system models.
OMEN Gaming Hub home screen


OMEN Gaming Hub looks for updates automatically on launch. There is also an option to search for new updates.


Use the overclocking screen to monitor and adjust system performance. The tools available vary based upon the computer hardware configuration.
HP Omen Notebooks require the use of the external power supply to access the Overclocking screen.

Performance Control

Change the performance of your OMEN notebook to the mode that works best for the task you are performing. The notebook remains in Default mode until you switch to comfort mode or performance mode.
Performance Control and Fan Control are only available on certain computer models. Refer to the OMEN Gaming Hub features table in this document to see if this feature is available on your computer.
On the Performance Control dashboard, CPU temperature, GPU temperature and CPU utilization display in real-time.
Performance Control screen set on Default

Network Booster

Adjust network priorities to boost system performance.


Change the CPU power consumption to reduce the heat of your computer. The higher the CPU voltage requirement is set, the higher the heating capacity of the CPU is. This feature can reduce the CPU core voltage without reducing the CPU performance.
Changing the CPU voltage might cause system instability.
Undervolting only available on certain computer models. See the OMEN Gaming Hub features table in this document to see if this feature is available on your computer.
Before using this feature, be sure that you update your computer to the latest version of the BIOS available on the HP website. If you do not have the latest BIOS, OMEN Gaming Hub prompts you to update your BIOS.
By default, the undervolting function is turned off.
Undervolting tab
On the Undervoltage tab, the CPU temperature, frequency, and voltage display in real-time. The Test Results section displays the reference data for system performance after the undervolting feature is enabled. These test results depend on the temperature of the computer and might be different each time you run a benchmark test.
To run a benchmark test, click Run test. The test process might take a few minutes and your computer might display a blue screen several times until the test is complete and the new values have been applied to the computer.


You can select a high-definition OMEN desktop background or wallpaper image on any PC.
The Gallery tab displays high-definition images that can either be downloaded or applied directly to the desktop background.
Selecting a wallpaper from the gallery


Configure the LED lights on the OMEN computer or peripheral device. Lighting features vary by product. Each lighting area displays as a separate tab.
Your device might look different from the one shown, but the lighting configuration steps are similar.


Configure the macro keys (P1-P6) on the OMEN computer to initiate a series of recorded key presses using a single keystroke.
The macro feature is only available on OMEN computers with dedicated macro keys.


The Rewards feature allows you to complete challenges to win prizes. This service is enabled in partnership with Versus Systems.
  1. Sign in using an HP account to access OMEN Rewards. Type your date of birth when prompted.
    You must be 16 years or older to participate in the Rewards feature.
    Enter date of birth
  2. Click Accept to allow Versus Systems to authenticate using your HP account.
    Accept Versus System access
  3. Click Turn on location tracking in Windows Settings or Continue without turning on location, and then follow on-screen instructions.
  4. Click a reward card to learn more about the challenge.
    List of reward challenges
  5. Click Start Challenge on the reward card to begin a challenge.
    Starting a challenge
  6. Complete the challenge to earn the reward.
    After you successfully complete a challenge, a message displays that describes your reward and an email is sent to the email address you used during the sign up process. Open the email, and then follow the instructions to redeem your reward.


Use the Gamer Performance Index (GPI) with the Coaching feature to identify strengths and weaknesses on critical game skills.
Coaching is enabled in partnership with Mobalytics and is free for one year to all OMEN PC users. If you do not have a Mobalytics account, you can create one.
  1. Sign in using your HP account.
  2. Sign in to your Mobalytics account. If you do not have an account click Create account, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
    Your HP ID and Mobalytics accounts link.
Sign in to Mobalytics account

My Games

My Games is a feature that groups all of your games in one place.
Dual-screen models have a different layout to fit the smaller screen, functionality is the same.

Game Stream

Game Stream is a gaming service delivered through OMEN Gaming Hub. A minimum of two computers are required to use Game Stream. A supported OMEN PC functions as the host, while any other client PCs must be running Windows 10.


Click Help to open the OMEN Gaming Hub support page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the following frequently asked questions (FAQs) to find answers to common questions about the HP OMEN Gaming Hub.






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