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HP Officejet Enterprise Color X555, MFP X585 and HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556, MFP 586 - 15.B0.XX Errors


One of the following errors is displayed on the printer's control panel:
  • 15.B0.01 Jam in left door
  • 15.B0.02 Jam in left door
  • 15.B0.03 Jam in left door
  • 15.B0.0D Jam in upper left door
  • 15.B0.F0 Jam in left door
Figure : Example:

Possible Causes:

  • Paper jammed in ICU (Ink Collection Unit)/Duplexer area
  • Paper jammed in the print zone
  • Paper remnant remains in the print zone
Print zone
The 'print zone' is the area between the Feed Shaft and the Turn Shaft. Paper or paper remnants remaining in this area will not be visible or accessible. Step # 2 in the SOLUTION below will cover how to clear this area if necessary.


  1. Clear jam Tray 2:
    1. Figure : Open Tray 2 by pulling it out and releasing the latch at the rear left of the tray.
    2. Figure : Remove the jammed sheet by pulling it to the right and then out of the product.
    3. Figure : To close the tray, push in the middle or with even pressure on both sides. Avoid pushing on one side only.
  2. Clear jam left door:
    1. Figure : Open the left door.
    2. Figure : Carefully remove the Ink Collection Unit (ICU).
      HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556, MFP 586 models only: On later models, with serial numbers above CN799xxxxx, as soon as the ICU is removed the rollers and shafts in the print zone will rotate down exposing the print area.
      This video shows the process for clearing a print zone jam using this method.
      If you have trouble viewing the video or to view the video in a different size, click here to play the video on YouTube.
      The jammed piece of paper should drop down immediately. If you do not see the paper, use a flashlight to visually inspect the area and carefully remove the sheet.
      There are some delicate metal shims that are sharp, and contact with your fingers should be avoided. Never stick a sharp or metal object into the printer.
    3. Figure : Lower the platen by pressing down on the green tab and remove the jammed paper.
      HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556, MFP 586 models only: On later models, with serial numbers above CN799xxxxx, lowering the platen runs the jam assist routine and ensures that no other paper is stuck in the paper path. Once the rollers stop turning, remove any paper.
    4. Figure : Lift the green tab to place the platen back into its operating position.
    5. Figure : Lift the green tab and reinstall the ink collection unit and close the left door.
  3. If no media was found after following the above steps, or the error message persists, run the Advanced Jam Recovery utility from the control panel (this should clear the 'print zone'):
    A heavier weighted letter sized paper is preferred for this procedure. Letter sized cardstock is ideal. Typical weighted letter paper can be used, but the below procedure may need to be run multiple times.
    1. Figure : Select the Administration then Troubleshooting menus.
    2. Figure : Select the Advanced Jam Recovery option.
    3. Figure : Load letter sized cardstock in to Tray 1 and press Start.
    4. Figure : Wait as the utility runs.
    5. Figure : Jammed paper pieces along with the cardstock will exit to the output bin.
    6. Rerun the utility until the print zone jam is cleared.






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