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HP Pro X2 612 G1 Tablets - Incorrect MAC Address Is Seen When Network Controller Configuration Is Reset in BIOS

Notice:: The information in this document, including products and software versions, is current as of the release date.The document is subject to change without notice.

Release date : 29-Oct-2014

Last updated : 29-Oct-2014

The MAC address will appear incorrect in the BIOS. This issue occurs when the Network Controller Configuration is reset in the BIOS Security Sure Start settings.

Information in this document applies to the following:
HP Probook x2 612 G1Tablet
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32bit)
NOTE: For Windows 7, Legacy Mode is the default boot mode setting. Ensure Boot Mode is in Legacy Mode before proceeding with these steps. If the MAC address gets reset, boot the computer once in legacy Mode, and then once in Native Mode to restore the MAC address. The actual MAC address is correct in the hardware; this is simply an aesthetic issue in the BIOS.
To resolve this issue, perform the following steps to restore the MAC address:
  1. Power on or restart the computer.
  2. Immediately, press Esc key. (The Esc key displays the startup menu).
  3. The Startup Menu will appear. Choose F10 to enter the BIOS Setup.
  4. Select Advance and choose Boot Options.
  5. Scroll down to Boot Mode.
  6. Confirm Boot Mode is set to Legacy.
  7. Select Exit and choose No to Save Changes.
  8. Boot to Windows one time. Once at the Desktop, power the computer off.
  9. Power on the computer again.
  10. Immediately, press the Esc key.
  11. Choose F10 to enter the BIOS Setup.
  12. Select Advance and choose Boot Options.
  13. Scroll down to Boot Mode and press the Enter key to edit the field.
  14. Change Boot Mode to UEFI Native.
  15. A warning will appear stating disabling Legacy Mode may have an adverse affect booting to the currently installed operating system.
  16. Click on Accept to the Boot Mode change.
  17. Select Exit and choose Yes to Save Changes.
  18. The computer will restart but will stop before Windows starts.
  19. A BIOS message will appear stating " No Bootable image found, notebook will be shut down".
    This is an accurate message because Windows 7 cannot boot in UEFI Native Mode.
  20. Select OK. The computer will power off.
  21. Power on the computer again.
  22. Immediately, press the Esc key.
  23. Choose F10 to enter the BIOS Setup.
  24. Select Advance and choose Boot Options.
  25. Scroll down to Boot Mode and press the Enter key to edit the field.
  26. Change the Boot Mode back to Legacy.
  27. Select Accept to the message about enabling/disabling Legacy Mode.
  28. Choose Exit and select Yes to Save Changes.
  29. The MAC address has now been restored.
NOTE: the exact steps for the procedure may vary slightly from model to model as the menu options change over time. Please refer to your product manual if you need further assistance.

Hardware platforms affected : HP Pro x2 612 G1

Operating systems affected : Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32-bit) (deleted)

Software affected : Not applicable

Support Communication Cross Reference ID : IA04493592

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