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HP Officejet Enterprise Color X555, MFP X585 - Install the formatter

Install the formatter

This document provides the procedure to install the formatter for the HP Officejet Enterprise Color X555 and HP Officejet Enterprise Color MFP X585/X585 Flow.
Figure : Formatter
  1. Turn off the product, and then disconnect the power cable.
    Figure : Turn off product, disconnect power cable
  2. Disconnect either the USB cable or the network ethernet cable.
    Figure : Disconnect cables
  3. Remove the output bin by pulling up on the edge of the bin closest to the output flap, tilting it away from the product, and then pulling the assembly up.
    Figure : Remove the output bin
  4. Disconnect the thumbscrew, and then pull the access cover up.
    Figure : Remove the access cover
  5. At the back of the product, disconnect two thumbscrews.
    Figure : Disconnect the rear thumbscrews
  6. At the front of the product, grab the formatter assembly handle and pull the formatter out of the product.
    Figure : Remove the formatter
  7. On the formatter printed circuit-board assembly (PCA), remove the memory drive.
    • For models equipped with a hard disk drive (HDD), press the tab at the edge of the drive, and then slide the drive out of its holder.
      Figure : Remove the HDD
    • For models equipped with a solid state drive (SSD), rotate the lock tab at the edge of the drive, lift the lock tab away from the formatter, and then disconnect the drive from the formatter.
      Figure : Remove the SSD
      Figure : Remove the SSD
  8. Remove the fax PCA from the formatter by removing one screw from the plastic fax card holder, removing the holder, and then disconnecting the fax card from the formatter PCA.
    Figure : Remove the fax card
  9. Remove the new formatter from its packaging, and then reuse the packaging to send the old formatter assembly to a recycling center.
    Figure : ddd
  10. On the new formatter PCA, install the memory drive.
    • For models equipped with a hard disk drive (HDD), slide the drive into its holder and connect it to the formatter.
      Figure : Install the HDD
    • For models equipped with a solid state drive (SSD), connect the drive to the formatter, press the lock tab down into the formatter, and then rotate the lock tab so that it secures the drive in place on the formatter.
      Figure : Install the SSD
      Figure : Turn the lock tab
  11. Connect the fax PCA to the formatter, place the fax card holder in position, and then insert the screw to fasten the holder to the formatter.
    Figure : Install the fax card
  12. Insert the new formatter into the slot at the front of the product.
    Figure : Insert the new formatter
  13. At the back of the product, fasten the two thumbscrews.
    Figure : Fasten the rear thumbscrews
  14. Reinstall the formatter access cover by sliding it down into place and then fastening the thumbscrew.
    Figure : Install the new cover
  15. Reinstall the output bin.
    Figure : Install the output bin
  16. Reconnect either the USB cable or the network cable.
    Figure : Reconnect cable
  17. Reconnect the power cable, and then press the power button to turn on the product.
    Figure : Reconnect the power cable, turn on the product






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