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HP Deskjet F2400 All-in-One Printer Series - Replacing the Cartridges


This document contains steps for replacing the cartridges.

Replacing cartridges

Follow these steps to replace and align the cartridges.

Step one: Replace the cartridges

  1. Press the Power button () to turn on the product, if it is not already turned on. Wait until the product is idle and silent before continuing.
  2. Lower the paper tray.
  3. Lift out the paper tray extension
    Figure : Lift out paper tray extension
    Illustration of lifting out paper tray extension.
  4. Load unused, plain, white paper in the paper tray, and then slide the paper width guide snugly against the paper.
  5. Open the front access door.
    The carriage moves to the center of the product. Wait until the carriage is idle and silent before continuing.
    Figure : Open the front access door
    Illustration of the front access door opened.
  6. Lightly press down on a cartridge to release it, and then pull the cartridge out to remove it from its slot.
    Figure : Example of removing the tri-color cartridge
    Illustration of removing the cartridge from its slot.
  7. Remove the new cartridge from its packaging, and then carefully remove the plastic tape using the pink pull tab.
    Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or ink nozzles. Also, do not re-tape the cartridges. Doing so can result in clogs, ink failure, and bad electrical connections.
      Figure : Remove the plastic tape
      Illustration of removing the tape from the new cartridge
    1. Copper-colored contacts
    2. Plastic tape with pink pull tab (must be removed before installing)
    3. Ink nozzles under tape
  8. Hold the cartridge by its sides with the nozzles toward the product, and then insert the cartridge into its color-coded slot until it snaps into place. Make sure that the icon on the cartridge matches the icon on the slot.
    Figure : Example of inserting the tri-color cartridge
    IIllustration of reinserting the cartridge
    • Insert the tri-color cartridge in the slot on the left.
    • Insert the black cartridge in the slot on the right.
    Figure : Color-coded cartridge slots
    Illustration of the cartridges and their slots.
  9. Close the front access door. An alignment page prints automatically. Wait until the page prints before continuing.
    Figure : Close the front access door
    Illustration of closing the front access door.

Step two: Align the cartridges

  1. Lift the product lid.
    Figure : Lift the product lid
    Illustration of lifting the product lid
  2. Place the alignment page with the printed-side down on the right-front corner of the scanner glass. See the engraved guide next to the scanner glass for help loading the alignment page.
    Figure : Place the alignment page on the scanner glass
    Illustration  of alignment page on the scanner glass.
  3. Lower the product lid.
    Figure : Lower the lid
    Illustration of lowering the product lid
  4. Press Start Copy Color to start the alignment.
  5. When the cartridge alignment is complete, recycle or discard the alignment page.






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