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HP Designjet 70/90/110plus/111/130 Series - How to Continuously Print on Roll Media Without the Cutter Automatically Cutting After Every Print


This document describes how to disable cutter assembly's automatic cutting feature when printing on roll media.


To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:
  1. Open the Printing Preferences window of the HP Designjet printer driver either from the application or from the Printers folder (from Start go to Control Panel).
    Changing the driver settings in an application will only affect the settings within the application whereas changing the settings in the printers folder will affect all the applications by default.
  2. Click Advanced Paper Settings button on the left bottom:
  3. Put a check for Disable Automatic Cutter so that the cutter assembly does not cut the roll media after every print.
    If Top/Bottom Blank Areas are to be removed, put a check on Remove Top/Bottom Blank Areas:
  4. Click OK on the Advanced Paper Settings and Printing Preferences windows.
    When required, the roll media can still be cut by using either of the following methods:
    • By manually moving the cutter assembly on the unit physically from left to right (this method is not recommended for photo media).
    • By removing the check for Disable Automatic Cutter (follow steps 1 and 2) in the last print page of the print job. This will enable the automatic cutting feature of printer's cutter assembly.